Tame Your Leadership Instinct

What’s your Leadership Instinct? Check out this quiz, and then read on for more information about your style. Share the quiz with your co-workers so you can learn their styles too!

Leadership-Instinct-150 You’ve probably taken dozens of personality tests and quizzes, and it can be easy to glance at the results and then move on. But, even something like the Leadership Instinct quiz can provide a glimpse into your natural behaviors and how you think.

You can then use this information to focus on your strengths and know your weaknesses. It can also help to know the leadership styles of your co-workers so you know the best way to approach them about something or how to work with them on a project.

For example, you might have a co-worker who brings you a detailed spreadsheet of tasks and deadlines when they ask you for help on a project. They launch right into the tasks that need to be accomplished and how that should happen without getting your buy in or giving you the overall vision. That person is probably a Fox, and if they’re presenting projects that way to a Chameleon or Tiger, watch out! The Chameleon will want to know who is involved in the project and talk about how fun it would be to work with those people and who is going to get to benefit from their work. Tigers tend to get frustrated at being told exactly what to do, since they think they could probably come up with a better solution, and they’ll want to know the overall purpose and vision of the project first. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which way to present a project to a co-worker so you don’t have these same problems?

Get a taste of each Leadership Instinct below and sign up for the Leadership Instinct Simulcast to learn more!


chameleon90 Welcome to the party! Life is too short to not have fun and enjoy the moment. Chameleons live by this statement, making them fun people to spend time with. They’re outgoing, charming, warm, and friendly.

They make friends easily and have never met a stranger. Their enthusiasm is catching, making them good at motivating others. But Chameleons can have a dark side when they’re the boss. Chameleons are people pleasers, and that can make them avoid conflict by agreeing with everyone. Discover more about this personality.


fox90Foxes are driven by logic. They like facts, lists, and details. They want all of the available information before making a decision. They need to discuss their options and often play the Devil’s advocate just to explore every possibility. They definitely help ensure projects and tasks are handled effectively. But, sometimes they take their logic too far and ignore the human side of business. Discover more about this personality.


ostrich90 Ommm. Enter the comfort zone. Let’s take a deep breath and relax. It’s time to talk about Ostriches, who are soft-spoken and calm, probably known to many as the peacekeeper. They want everyone to get along and are very even keeled. They’re great listeners and always try to be fair. However, not to ruffle their feathers, but they hate conflict and try to avoid it like the plague. Discover more about this personality.


tiger90Whoa there Tiger! Tigers are laser focused, driven, and love to work, making them a common leadership style among managers and executives. They have one eye on the finish line, and the other eye on their next task. But working for a Tiger can be exhausting, and they often don’t realize others may need to hear encouraging words. Discover more about this personality.

Make sure to check out MyLeadershipInstinct.com for more information about your Leadership Instinct.

What’s your Leadership Instinct? Take the quiz and tell us in the comments below!

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