3 Ways to Inspire Employees to Be Captains of Their Careers

captainsSome employees were born self-starters. Motivated and driven, these individuals know what they want from their life and career. From the internship to the C-suite, they plot their course with precision and it is full steam ahead to every destination. Others are happy to just set sail with no one to steer the ship onward.

No matter where your employees are in their career from the beginner to the experienced professional, wouldn’t it be great if your entire team was passionate about their jobs? Think of the possibilities if every employee worked with determination, motivation, and drive. Work would be exciting. Employees would be engaged, effective, and happy. And most of all, your team’s passion would be unstoppable. If you want driven workers who aspire to learn and grow in their careers, try these tips to motivate employees to be captains of their own fate at work.

1. Show your staff the ropes. If your employees don’t man their careers with enthusiasm and drive, show them the ropes and lead by example. Inspire passion in your team by being passionate about what you do. Seek out new opportunities to learn and grow in your career and you’ll inspire employees to be more driven in their’s. The enthusiasm you demonstrate for your work and your employees is contagious, so share it every chance you get.

2. Give them a compass. When your employees need guidance to get started, offer them tools they can use to chart a course. From work-related book clubs to training that will increase their knowledge, make sure your employees have what they need to succeed. Be an advocate for their growth by encouraging them to attend work-related conferences, take online tutorials, and participate in professional organizations. Ask for their insight on projects where they’ve shown interest or promise. Give them opportunities to succeed and soon they’ll be on the lookout for new challenges at work, while gaining new skills all on their own.

3. Let your employees take the wheel. If you see potential in your employees, help them develop by offering them opportunities to lead and grow. Allow them to head brainstorming or staff meetings. If they have an idea to help streamline processes, increase productivity, or solve a problem, consider letting them test it out. By allowing your employees to steer the boat from time to time, you demonstrate your belief and trust in their abilities. And when they rise to the occasion, they’ll feel fulfilled and excited about their future and their job.

You want employees who are experts at what they do. You want employees who are passionate, enthusiastic, and driven every day. Help get them there by inspiring them to be captains of their career, and you’ll have an engaged team you can trust in rough or calm waters.

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