Do Your Dreams Have a Life Beyond October 31?

78181957Remember when you were a kid and Halloween was your opportunity to become whatever and whoever you wanted to be? Firefighter? Doctor? Cowboy? Princess? Astronaut? The possibilities were almost limitless, only bound by your imagination and your parents’ budget for a costume. What happened to those dreams? Sure, everyone goes through phases where they think they want to be a marine biologist or nurse, but what about those dreams that you really wanted to see reach fruition?

Maybe you are living your dream right now. Congratulations – keep it up! But, for the rest of us, how can we give life back to those dreams and wishes of bygone years and let them inspire and motivate us today?

Take Time to Remember.
As you shop for your own children’s costumes or see all the Halloween decorations, think about your childhood dreams. Did you want to be a concert pianist? Was your goal to be a famous athlete? Did you have hopes of experiencing the Wild West or traveling to China? The more you think back to your younger years, the more memories that will come flooding back.

Separate the Plausible from the Possible.
Realize that some things can happen and some can’t. Last I checked, we still can’t fly on our own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a pilot. Like before, there are still limitations like cost, family and work obligations, and medical considerations. But, with a little imagination, there are few dreams that can’t become reality in one form or another.

Make an Action Plan and Start Following It.
Once you’ve established that you won’t feel complete in life without achieving a specific goal or goals, make a plan to attain it. For instance, if you want to experience the life of a cowboy, find information on dude ranches you could visit. Then, determine your budget, create a savings plan, and write out your timeline. Whether it’s roping cows, learning to play the piano, or running a marathon, the only way you’ll achieve it is by taking the steps to make it happen.

The reality of life doesn’t have to drain you of your hopes and dreams. Dreaming and working to achieve your goals are vital to being a fulfilled individual, as well as a good leader. So, this Halloween get in the spirit and see what old dreams are rekindled.

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