The Results Are In: Do You See Growth Potential in 2012?

104774571With so much uncertainty surrounding whether this year will hold success, decline, or stagnation for businesses, we wanted to know what our readers foresaw happening over the next 12 months. So, in our January 2012 poll, we asked you, considering the current economic trends, how you perceived your company’s growth potential for 2012. The results were fairly positive considering that only 9% said their company would see a decrease in gains.

Four out of ten leaders said they expected to see exponential growth within their businesses over the course of the year. This is a more positive outlook than reported by the National Association for Business Economics. A survey of their economists revealed lower expectations for the growth, with about 60% only expecting a 2% growth in GDP in 2012. According to the survey, this also means there will be no change in unemployment since growth needs to be over 3% before we see new jobs being added to the workplace.

The majority of our poll respondents, 51%, said their companies’ growth would remain steady, but unchanged. While this is good from the viewpoint that things won’t be getting worse, it doesn’t bode well for employees who have seen their pay remain stagnant and job responsibilities increase. Business leaders need to take these issues into serious consideration since, according to CareerBuilder’s 2012 Job Forecast, the two top reasons organizations are losing their employees are higher pay somewhere else and feeling overworked. CareerBuilder’s survey did reveal, though, that business leaders are taking notice of their employees’ needs with over 60% planning on implementing pay increases in 2012.

If you participated in our survey, what influenced your choice? Are there specific industries you think will be seeing exponential growth? How do you think these results are going to affect your employees? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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