Inspiration and Motivation from Amanda Gore at Refresh Leadership Live 2013

For any organization, building and maintaining a competitive advantage is vital to success and a feat that would be impossible without engaged workers.

Do you incite passion among your employees? Are they working because they have to, or because they want to? These are important questions with answers that could have major implications for your business.

During the 2013 Refresh Leadership Live simulcast, Amanda Gore, professional speaker, author, and workplace communication and performance expert, will explain why people are not necessarily a company’s most important asset; but rather the spirit in which they do things is.

According to Amanda, if you want to change an organization, you have to lead with a change of heart – a change of spirit. The spirit in which we do anything determines the outcome, whether positive or negative.

Joining Amanda Gore on stage for Refresh Leadership Live will be Terry Bradshaw, legendary former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and Guy Kawasaki, founder of, best-selling author, and former chief evangelist of Apple.

It’s going to be a tremendous event where leaders at all levels of business will be able to come away with new and refreshed insight into the art of great leadership.

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Do your employees show up at work each day because they have to or because they want to? What steps have you taken to ensure your employees are engaged? Let us know in the comments section below.

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