The Results Are In: What is the Biggest Mistake New Leaders Make?

In our March poll, we asked our readers what they think is the biggest mistake new leaders make, and it proved to be a very hot issue in many workplaces right now. Nearly 1,700 people weighed in and the overwhelming consensus (47%) shows that “Failing to Communicate Effectively” is the biggest mistake new leaders make.  “Trying Too Hard to Show Who’s in Charge” was second at 21%, followed by “Not Getting to Know Their Employees” (13%) and “Fear of Making Decisions” (11%). “Failure to Protect/Stand Up for Employees” was last at 5%.

Communication is Key
Great working relationships and great communication go hand in hand – and both are vital components to increasing overall workforce engagement and productivity. Consistent, honest, and clear communication is key to building trust and commitment. And committed, trusting employees are the ones who will go to great lengths to ensure their companies maintain their innovate edge.

Open communication should be encouraged from top to bottom and left to right. Not only do company executives need to be forth coming with those they lead and vice versa, but communication should move laterally between departments as well. When everyone is on the same track, it’s much easier to move the entire organization toward achieving its objectives.

How do you encourage open communication in your company? Let us know in the comments section below.

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