5 Things to Do This Month: August 2013

Are you keeping cool this summer amid the historic heat waves gripping much of North America? The summer months are definitely upon us, but that doesn’t mean you should lock yourself away and wait for more temperate conditions. Quite the opposite, actually. Check out these five things to do during the month of August.

National Simplify Your Life Week (Aug. 1-7)
No more excuses. There is officially an entire week dedicated to getting it all together. During National Simplify Your Life Week, take some time to purge your overflowing inbox, knockout some of those menial tasks that have been lingering on your to-do list for months, or just give your office a good top-to-bottom scrub down. Dedicate this week to doing whatever you need to do to clear the clutter and refocus for the rest of the year.

National Family Fun Month
August, picnics, and family go hand-in-hand. The sunny weather provides the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of hot dogs, ice cream, and outdoor family fun. Company picnics are a time-honored tradition and a great opportunity to build morale and let your employees and their families spend some quality time together outside the office.

Book Lover’s Day (Aug. 9)
Great leaders are avid readers. In fact, statistics show that on average, CEOs read one to four books each month. Leadership requires a persistent quest for knowledge and books play a vital role in sharing the knowledge and wisdom from leaders throughout history and around the world. So this month, encourage your workforce to seek out a good read and engage their co-workers in discussions about what they learn.

Elvis Week (Aug. 10 – 17)
Elvis may have permanently “left the building” 36 years ago – supposedly – but that doesn’t mean his legend can’t live on. Take some time to build morale and have a little fun in the office this week by implementing an annual “Elvis Karaoke Day.” It may sound like a cheesy waste of time – and that’s because it is. In the long run, a couple of hours spent having a little light-hearted fun can do wonders for an overworked or stressed-out workforce.

Back to School
Much to the chagrin of children everywhere, the month of August also means the start of another school year is closing in. From parent-teacher conferences to forgotten homework to carpool days, be prepared for a few hiccups as your employees re-adjust to their kids’ school-time routines.

What are you doing in the month of August? Let us know in the comments section below.

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