Results Are In: Businesses Use Employee Development and Training for Great Customer Service

RL12-10-15In November, we asked our readers how they ensure their employees always provide great customer service, and with 50% of the votes, development and training programs were the top ways businesses focus on creating a culture of service. Broken down, 27% said “We have employee development programs that instill a culture of service,” followed by “We offer comprehensive training for new hires” with 23%. Rounding out the top five, 20% said “We have merit programs that award employees who go above and beyond,” 13% said “We don’t have to do anything; our employees interact well with customers already,” and 11% said “We give bonuses to those who excel in customer service.” Another 7% opted to write “other” answers, including “hiring the right employees to begin with and providing them with the proper tools,” “we give feedback on ways to handle situations as they occur,” and “we hire people with a servant’s heart.”

Developing Your Employees

According to the results, businesses understand the importance of customer service, with only 13% not doing anything extra to ensure great customer service. One reason for this could be that a company’s employees generally are the face and the voice of the organization. If customers have a good experience with your team, most likely they are going to have a good experience with your overall brand. But this exchange doesn’t necessarily come natural to most people, which is why the majority of poll respondents are dedicated to customer service, and 50% show their dedication by offering employee development programs and training to instill a strong culture of service.

Hiring for Cultural Fit

If you want to have a business that focuses on service, then you need to have employees who are service-minded individuals. Before you hire new team members, take time to break down your culture, understand what you’re looking for, and write down the attributes and soft skills you desire in your employees. Then once you have a plan developed, hire for your company’s cultural fit.

Customer service isn’t just a department in your business; it’s a mentality that is crucial to maintain a competitive edge in your market. By training and developing your employees and putting an emphasis on hiring for cultural fit, you can ensure your employees always provide great customer service.

What have you done to develop a culture of customer service? How have your employees affected your customers’ view of your business? Let us know in the comments section below!

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