Survey Results: Why Don’t Applicants Accept Jobs and What Causes Employees to Leave?

AE_8-24Low Pay is the Top Reason Job Seekers Turn Down Opportunities; Lack of Advancement is No. 1 Reason People Leave Jobs

Express Employment Professionals recently released results from a survey of businesses revealing the hurdles that stop applicants from accepting jobs, as well as the top reasons employees leave jobs.

Respondents were asked, “What hurdles stop applicants from accepting a job at your company?”

“Low pay” topped the list at 28 percent, followed closely by “lack of advancement/opportunity” at 27 percent. “Long hours” was cited by 18 percent, 15 percent listed “perfect fit,” and 14 percent selected “inflexible schedule.”

Respondents were also asked, “What hurdles cause employees to leave a job?”

The top answer was “lack of advancement/opportunity” with 40 percent. Second was “low pay” at 29 percent. This was almost the reverse of results from the same question in 2015, when 40 percent said “low pay” and 33 percent said “lack of advancement.”

“Not a good cultural fit,” was the third highest answer at 28 percent, followed by “long hours” (18 percent) and “unlikeable boss/management” (18 percent).

“Pay and advancement really do seem to be the driving factors when applicants and employees make decisions about the future of their careers,” said Bob Funk, CEO of Express, and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. “In a way, this is reflective of the economy in general. Many companies still struggle to offer competitive wages and may not be growing fast enough to offer upward advancement.”

The survey of 390 businesses, which are current and former clients of Express Employment Professionals, covers hiring trends for the second quarter of 2016.

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