How Seasonal Staffing Can Help Your Business During the Fourth Quarter

For many organizations, the fourth quarter represents the busiest time of the year. From higher production demands to an uptick in service needs, these final three months can cause unwarranted stress and anxiety for business leaders. However, using a staffing agency to fill seasonal employment needs takes the hassle out of hiring during the busy holiday season.

In the fourth quarter of 2018 alone, staffing employment totaled 3.4 million workers, up 2% year over year and the highest total since 2005, according to the American Staffing Association (ASA). If the trend continues, the final three months of the year could show more businesses than ever leaning on temporary staffing to help support the demands of the holiday season. Learn how seasonal staffing can help your business meet these three needs this fourth quarter.

Meeting Production Needs

In some industries, including retail, demand rises exponentially during the holiday season. To ensure a high level of customer and client satisfaction, businesses stock their workforces with more talent to meet higher demands. From point-of-sale clerks to production line workers, temporary help can be the difference between staff burn-out and a strong, healthy workforce. Recently, retail and shipping giants Target and UPS announced they plan to add a combined 230,000 temporary workers this holiday season in preparation for a strong fourth quarter business cycle. From brick-and-mortar stores to online hubs to fulfillment and shipment centers, businesses expect seasonal staffing to be a game changer this holiday season.

Filling the Vacation Gap

While the fourth quarter can be the busiest time of year for businesses, it can also be the most understaffed period due to employees vacationing and spending the holidays with family and friends. Studies show the importance of taking time away from the office to recharge and boost productivity. So rather than discouraging core employees from using vacation days at the year of the year, consider filling the gap with temporary workers.

Evaluating Potential Employees

An additional benefit of seasonal staffing is uncovering star workers in the local talent pool. When using temporary workers through a staffing company, employers get first-hand experience in evaluating potential full-time employees. Employers can avoid the cycle of high turnover costs and the lasting effects of a bad hire through seasonal staffing. According to ASA, 35% of workers in staffing positions were offered permanent positions after their temporary assignments ended. That means more than one-third of temporary employees were seen as highly productive job candidates. Using temporary employment this holiday season is a great way to help in the year-end crunch, as well as find the talent your business needs to reach your upcoming goals in 2020.

Express Is Here to Meet Your Staffing Needs

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How has staffing helped your business during the holiday season? What do you do to keep up with the end-of-year demands of the fourth quarter? Let us know in the comments section below!

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