Timing Is Everything: When to Use a Staffing Company

Every year, 17 million people find work through the more than 20,000 staffing companies in the U.S., according to the American Staffing Association. With so many people finding work through staffing, companies are finding much-needed workforce solutions to help their organizations thrive during this bustling economy. However, businesses that either seldom or never use staffing agencies may find it difficult to know when the right time is to use this employment option. Check out these three different times when it’s right to use a staffing company.

Project Management

Regardless of what type of business you have, there is usually an ebb and flow with the supply and demand of your product or service. From rural harvest needs to year-end project deadlines, leaders of all backgrounds and in all industries must manage these upswings from season to season. And with production needs come employment needs. Instead of hiring full-time, core employees, businesses use a staffing agency to help supplement work-hours to fulfill the supply and demand of these particular seasons.

Evaluation Hire

One of the most important jobs a hiring manager faces is hiring for cultural fit. A job candidate can look perfect for a job on paper, but once that person is added to a team, a leader may find that the new hire doesn’t fit with the set of values and culture of the company. And while business leaders can focus on hiring for cultural fit, most candidates aren’t truly vetted for this desired trait. To combat this issue, companies use staffing agencies to “try out” workers to see if they would fit with their teams in day-to-day, full-time capacity. Express Employment Professionals offers the Evaluation Hire service line that allows a business to evaluate a job candidate before making a hiring decision.

HR and Hiring Needs

While some companies have their own HR departments that handle hiring needs, some smaller businesses don’t have the bandwidth to recruit, interview, and hire employees. In this situation, a staffing agency can help with direct hiring needs. Taking the hassle out of hiring, staffing companies use their resources to recruit and vet candidates from a larger talent pool to broaden businesses’ reach to find the right candidate for the job. In today’s economy, the low employment rate makes it hard for some companies to fill positions left open for a long period of time. For these hard-to-fill job orders, a staffing company can be a great resource to find candidates.

Express Is Here to Meet Your Staffing Needs

From seasonal upswings to hiring the right employee, using a staffing company can be the answer to your employment needs. If your company is experiencing any of these three situations, it may be time to connect with Express Employment Professionals.

With staffing solutions in Light Industrial, Offices Services, and Professional, Express puts people to work. It generated $3.56 billion in sales and employed a record 566,000 people in 2018. Its long-term goal is to put a million people to work annually. To see how Express can help take the hassle out of hiring this holiday season, visit ExpressPros.com today!

How has staffing helped your business during seasonal upswings? What do you do to hire for cultural fit? Let us know in the comments section below!



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