3 Ways to Attract the Right Talent for Your Culture

For successful businesses to maintain a competitive advantage in their market, it’s imperative to cultivate a strong and vibrant culture. A company culture is composed of the shared values and behaviors that comprise the unique social environment of a business. From a more laid-back, remote workforce to a classic suit-and-tie, 8-to-5 setting, a culture not only changes the way in which an organization conducts business, but it can also impact the type of individuals recruiters seek.

Having the perfect organizational make-up starts with embracing the right culture, and that depends on recruiting the right talent to cultivate your culture. Check out these three tips to attract the best employees for your business.

Create a Clear Message

The most foundational way to build the right workforce is to clearly define the culture you either have or desire.

According to the O.C. Tanner 2020 Global Culture Report, there is four times the probability of a company building a constructive culture when the organization has a clear purpose.

And when recruiting top talent, having the right culture is one of the most attractive aspects of a business. In LinkedIn’s Workplace Culture report, 86% of Millennials say they would consider talking a pay cut to accept a position at a company that has a mission and values that aligns with their own. While cash may have been the former monarch, culture is king now.

Develop an Employee Referral Program

One of the best recruiting talent pools is among your existing workforce. Your core team members are the heartbeat of your culture, and in order to find employees who are like-minded and share similar values, simply asking your employees for referrals is the easiest option.

According to a CareerBuilder study, 88% of businesses cite employee referrals as the best way to generate quality hires. Moreover, 26% of all external hires are generated from referrals, leading to 82% of employers agreeing that referrals are the most successful source for generating the best return on investment.

The study also found that 69% of companies have a formal employee referral program in place.

Leverage Technology to Control Reputation

While company branding is sometimes seen as a separate aspect of a leader’s focus, branding and culture actually go hand in hand. Once your company culture is clearly defined and cultivated, it’s imperative for the business to protect its culture by controlling its reputation. How a business is perceived creates a lasting effect on its attractiveness to potential candidates. If your organization was once seen as having a stuffy environment that didn’t develop their employees, it can be hard to shake that reputation.

Leverage social media, job boards, and other employment sites, including Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed. Have a team member monitor the public perception of the company and enlist influencers and brand ambassadors to help build up how employees view the company and create a positive reputation among clients and customers.

According to Bright Logic, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Potential employees are looking, so it pays to protect your online reputation.

Ensuring Future Success

Your future success lies within your culture. Ensuring a cohesive core and a unified mission today will prepare your business for the ups and downs of tomorrow. If you embrace these three tips you will be more likely to build the right workforce for your business.

How do you recruit the right talent for your organization? What have you done to create a sustainable culture? Let us know in the comments section below!

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