How Staffing Agencies Help During a Recruiting Crunch

With millions of open jobs available, despite pre-pandemic levels of unemployment rates, the current job market is seemingly an enigma. The problem is something nearly all organizations and hiring managers are tasked to solve to maintain productivity and keep an edge on the competition.

To help ease the hassle of hiring during a recruiting crunch, companies are turning to staffing agencies in the current job market. With extensive knowledge in recruiting during all seasons, staffing agencies can help companies find top talent through several employment solutions.

Maintaining a Passive Talent Pool

While businesses only recruit and seek talent when filling an open job position, staffing agencies are constantly connecting with professionals and building relationships with those who are either actively looking for a job or who are just open to test the waters of the market. However, creating a deep talent pool not only takes time and energy, but maintaining it can be just as difficult.

By teaming up with a staffing company, businesses can expand their talent reach exponentially, while staying focused on company operations.

Recruiting Workers for Direct Hire

When unemployment rates are low, it usually means a job-seekers’ market. This means employees may be open to join the Great Resignation and seek opportunities outside their current positions. These individuals could be passive talent who wouldn’t normally apply for an open position but would be willing to speak with a recruiter if the job position was intriguing enough.

This is where staffing companies shine. By seeking out professionals who fit the culture and have the values and skills needed to excel in the open position, staffing agencies can find the right person and place them in a full-time position either through recruiting or accessing the pipeline of talent staffing agencies have at all times.

Allowing Businesses to Hire Through Evaluation

As companies adjust to the current job market, hiring managers likewise are adjusting their traditional views on which workers would be a good fit for open positions. In a recent poll, Refresh Leadership found that the top three employment “red flags” companies are overlooking during the recruiting crunch were “gaps in employment,” “doesn’t meet minimum experience requirements,” and “doesn’t meet education/certification requirements.”

As HR professionals look past traditional requirements to fill much-needed positions, the question remains if the candidate has what it takes to excel in their position. Staffing companies, like Express Employment Professionals, offer the opportunity to place a candidate through Evaluation Hire. During the evaluation period, the employee is able to prove to the company that they are the right match for the job, as well as see if the job is the right fit for their career goals. At the end of the evaluation period, the company can decide to hire or to move on to another candidate.

Whether your company needs to fill an open position or needs temporary help during seasonal production swings, a staffing company may be the best option for you. Check out to learn more about employment solutions available.

What are you doing to overcome the recruiting crunch? How has staffing helped you find top talent? Let us know in the comments section below!


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