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Top 5 Characteristics of Engaged Employees and Future Leaders

Building a team of engaged employees is every business leader’s goal. Research and common sense have both showed that as the number of engaged workers increases, so does morale, productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits. But, beyond just being good for business right now, these top-performing employees are also your company’s next generation of leaders. With […]

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3 Ways to Supercharge Your Fourth Quarter

Believe it or not, this year is already winding down and businesses are facing the fourth, and final, quarter of 2015. Depending on the type of year your team has had, you may be filled with momentum or just limping along. But, no matter how the first nine months have gone, it’s vital that you […]

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4 Ways to Stay Productive When Working From Home

Despite what the naysayers have predicted, working from home is not just a short-lived trend. In fact, it’s still on the rise. Two years ago, Forbes reported that “some 30 million of us work from a home office at least once a week … and that number is expected to increase by 63% in the […]

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Kick These Bad Health Habits Out of Your Workplace

Healthy employees are better workers. Whether it’s an entry-level employee, middle manager, or top executive, the better the health decisions people make, the more engaged and motivated they are in the workplace. In fact, “the healthiest employees are nearly three times more productive while at work than the least healthy,” according to a study highlighted […]

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High Turnover? The Solution Starts at the Top

Leading a business can be scary. After all, there is a lot depending on your ability to effectively lead—your personal life, employees’ livelihoods, your customers’ ability to function, your professional reputation.  And, for top leadership, there are no cop-outs. Most issues and problems facing your company are within your control. Even for the few things […]

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Leading With Your Heart and Your Head

Try to envision for a moment two different hiring scenarios. First, you’re looking to hire a new CEO for a company that needs to quickly see growth, productivity, and profits in order to stay in business. What kind of leader would you automatically gravitate toward? Now, consider a search to hire your own supervisor – […]

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Self-Sabotage: 3 Ways We Get in Our Own Way

There are plenty of things that make your role as leader difficult – troublesome employees, small budgets, technology problems, demanding customers. But, if you’re having problems within your company and you’re having trouble pin-pointing the cause, there might be one other place you should look. Try taking a good look in the mirror, because sometimes […]

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The Mentor Checklist: 11 Must-Have Qualities

Research has shown over and over that people involved with a quality mentor do better in their careers – and personal lives – than those who go it alone, and that applies to everyone from school-age children to top business executives. Bottom line: purposefully seeking out advice and knowledge from others is one of the […]

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Link Past Actions to Future Behavior with 8 Interview Questions

Hiring new employees isn’t cheap. In fact, a widely-held belief is that it costs six-to-nine months’ worth of salary every time an employer replaces an employee. If you multiply that cost by each time your business has experienced turnover, you could be in for a surprise at how much money your company actually spends to […]

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Building a Work Environment that Inspires Creativity

Sometimes it’s easy to think that only a select few employees or teams need to be creative. But creativity in the workplace should go far beyond the artists and writers in a business. Being creative – thinking of something entirely new or finding a new way of doing things – is important to every department […]

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