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Onboarding: What We Can Learn From the Presidential Inauguration

Every four years, citizens from coast to coast go to the polls to vote for the commander-in-chief. And as an example of a peaceful transfer of power, the soon-to-be former president works with the president-elect to ensure the continued success of the United States of America. This transition is made complete on Jan. 20 during […]

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Leadership Lessons From Beloved Christmas Movies

During this holiday season, friends and family gather together to enjoy the warmth of kith and kin, sharing stories of Christmases past and reliving highlights of 2016. From sipping eggnog to warming up by a cozy fire to building that perfect snowman, everyone has a favorite holiday activity they share with loved ones. But, there’s […]

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Beyond the Numbers: Unconventional Ways to Measure Success

As 2016 comes to a close, top leaders in organizations across the world will gather together to evaluate how their year went. From success stories to opportunities for improvement, taking an overview of where your company is at the end of the year can be one of the most encouraging and helpful things you can […]

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Creative Ways to Thank Your Employees This Holiday Season

Recognition and appreciation are the lifeblood of successful, well-led teams. When businesses focus on their most valuable assets—their employees—they build a culture of loyalty, respect, and high morale. As we enter the holiday season, now is the best time of the year to live that culture. Check out these creative ways to thank your employees […]

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3 Tips for Writing the Perfect Employee Appreciation Note

Behind every great organization is a team of hardworking, loyal employees. But with continued success, comes strain and burnout. To avoid turnover or loss in growth, an organization needs to focus on what matters most—their employees. One proven way to do that is to recognize the importance of your team through acknowledgment and appreciation. In […]

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Shoppers hurry past in post-Christmas sales frenzy 2013.

The Results Are In: Majority of Companies Will Use Current Staff For Seasonal Upswing

In our recent monthly poll, we asked our readers how their companies handle the extra workload during the holiday season, and nearly three-quarters of businesses don’t make any adjustments to their current staff. With 39% of the votes, “we do not make any seasonal adjustments” was the number one answer, followed by “use current staff, […]

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Feeling tired.

Crash and Burn: Your Next Steps After Failure

If you have ever dared to dream mighty dreams, to pursue goals of grandeur—to not just imagine, but to chase down success—chances are you have failed at least once in one of your pursuits. Often, we jump, taking a leap of faith, not knowing whether or not we will be able to fly. Many, paralyzed […]

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Feeling trapped.

Scary Success: Workplace Fears That Are Holding You Back

What is holding you back? What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams? No matter your answer, these are loaded questions. Regardless of the outside factors you attribute to your standstill, the main issue is still inaction. Famous football coach and sports analyst Lou Holtz said it best: “Life is 10% what happens to you and […]

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Speak Up! 4 Ways Staying Quiet Is Killing Your Career

It is widely accepted that the best leaders are those who lead by example. These types of leaders demand respect and loyalty from their followers. But how can you take that next step in your career if it’s unclear whether or not you’ve been successful leading the employees you currently have? As a leader, your […]

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Empty comfortable red seats with numbers in cinema

Lessons from Famous Movie Interviews

One of the most stressful processes an office deals with is filling a job opening. When a job goes unfilled, the loss in productivity and an overworked team can cause friction—let alone the stress that can occur while recruiting, screening, hiring, and onboarding a candidate. That’s why the interview process is such an important aspect […]

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