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The Myth of Multitasking

Multitasking has become a nearly ubiquitous term on résumés and cover letters and in job interviews and performance reviews. It’s even become a prerequisite for many job seekers and an unstated requirement for employees facing the pressures of a reduced workforce. But is multitasking all it’s cracked up to be? The basic thought behind placing […]

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Are You Killing Yourself at Work? How to Stop the Madness

I recently read an article in USA Today that got me thinking. It said long hours and hard work doesn’t equal success. But, isn’t that what we have always been told? To work long and hard and the rewards will come? There are many employers and business owners who live and work by this philosophy […]

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Can Interns Save Workplace Productivity?

Even though the economy has turned a corner and business is picking up, companies are still hesitant to hire. With employees being pushed to produce more with less pay, workplace productivity is starting to decline. According to a recent report by the Labor Department, productivity for U.S. companies grew by 3.6% in the first quarter […]

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Losing Touch with Your Employees? Tips to Get Connected

The new hit reality show called “Undercover Boss” has millions of Americans laughing, but more importantly, it has some employees feeling hopeful they’re finally being heard. If you’ve missed this popular new show, CBS’s “Undercover Boss” follows corporate executives from companies like 7-Eleven and Waste Management as they go undercover and work on the “front […]

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