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indecisive and lost man chooses the right path

Avoiding Decisions

Our daily lives are made up of literally thousands of individual decisions. Many of these decisions we make automatically, while others we ignore resulting in our decisions being made for us. One of the human traits that invariably results in failure is the habit of avoiding decisions. The concept of avoiding decisions is absurd. It […]

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Change Your Mind and Your Life

Behavioral scientists have long debated whether we are most impacted by nature or nurture. The argument is made up of professionals who believe we are a product of our genetic makeup and those who believe we are molded by our environment. As a student of behavioral science, it’s impossible for me to imagine we are not impacted […]

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Changing Your Mind

I’m a firm believer that you can change your life when you change your mind. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. We have the ability to accumulate information and then utilize that information to make a decision. I am saddened to encounter people who came in contact with some information many years […]

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Maintain Your Equipment

I’m a huge baseball fan and enjoy following games throughout the season via satellite radio. This past season, the Chicago Cubs performed at an extremely high level and were very competitive in the playoffs. Even longtime Cub fans would have to admit this is not the normal expectation for the Chicago Cubs. Winning seasons are not the […]

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Stumbling to Success

I’ve heard it said that success is a matter of avoiding mistakes. While this seems like good advice, it’s not strictly accurate. Successful people make their share of mistakes. They simply manage them. I believe that a fool makes the same mistake over and over while a wise person makes a new mistake every day. The goal […]

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Thoughts, Actions, and Results

Recently in the field of success and personal development, there has been a school of thought that has emerged claiming that our thoughts can bring things into reality. While this is true, there is generally a step in-between thoughts and results. This step is action, our own efforts required to turn our thoughts into results. Too many […]

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Jim Stovall Discusses the Importance of Resilience

I believe one of the most important characteristics that any person can have is that of resilience. Resilience is that quality that allows us to be knocked down and get up again, and again, and again. Being knocked down is not an interruption in our life but is simply a part of life. Often, the act […]

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Your Goldmine

You may have never heard of Robert Armstrong, but you’ve probably heard of an idea he captured and maximized. Robert Armstrong was a struggling cartoonist and graphic artist. During a low point in his career, he spent most of his days sitting on the sofa watching daytime TV. A good friend called him one day, and in […]

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Smell the Coffee

In our free market society, we succeed by creating value in the lives of other people. Whatever product or service you are a part of delivering, you must give people more value in their minds than the price they are paying you. I find that in my own business, I enjoy delivering a high level product or […]

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An Unlikely War Hero

Recently, I read about the exploits of a man who served during World War II who may well have had more to do with the allied victory than any other single person. Abraham Wald used his talents, abilities, and gifts to save countless lives and turn the tide of the war. He did not serve in […]

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