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Express Employment Professionals and Volunteers Help Fight Hunger

On Saturday, June 13, more than 225 Express Employment Professionals offices from California to North Carolina to Canada came together at local food banks and pantries across North America to help fight hunger—a growing epidemic that impacts millions of people in the U.S., Canada and around the world every day. Offices spent time working and […]

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Businesses: Little Confidence In Government Job Training Programs

New Survey Results: Only 16% Say Programs Are Effective; Majority See Them As Neither Effective Nor Ineffective Express Employment Professionals recently released survey results on the effectiveness of job training programs. Results show very little confidence in such programs among employers. In a survey of businesses, respondents were asked, “How effective are government job training programs?” […]

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Infographic: Corporate Giving by the Numbers

The latest numbers on corporate giving show a trend toward companies investing more to make a bigger impact in their communities than ever before. Check out this infographic from the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), a CEO membership organization founded by the late actor and philanthropist Paul Newman that believes societal improvement is an essential […]

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CANADA: New Survey Shows 38% of Unemployed Have “Given Up”

Express Employment Professionals Releases 2015 “State of the Unemployed in Canada” Survey Express Employment Professionals recently released the results of its second annual in-depth poll, ” The State of the Unemployed in Canada ,” revealing that 38 per cent of unemployed Canadians agree to some extent that they have completely given up looking for work. […]

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Question of the Month: Have you considered becoming an independent contractor?

Independent contractors are on the rise and are one of several factors that are transforming the definition of the modern workforce. Whether guided by a desire for more freedom or simply the lack of fulfilling full-time work, more people are choosing to make the shift to a more contingent, freelance lifestyle. So, for our June […]

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