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Results Are In: Majority of Businesses Using Current Staff to Handle Holiday Season Workload

With the holiday season fast approaching, many businesses have already started planning for the uptick in business demands. From boosted productivity to year-end deadlines to out-of-office employees, the final quarter of the year can be a stressful time if a company doesn’t have the resources to maintain high productivity. In a recent poll, we asked […]

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New Survey: Why Do People Reject Job Offers?

Express Employment Professionals released new survey results revealing why applicants turn down job offers and why workers leave the jobs they have. In a recent poll of workers, respondents were asked, “What hurdles stop you from accepting a job?” Respondents were told to choose all that applied from a given list. The No. 1 answer […]

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Question of the Month: What Type of Holiday Bonus Will You Give Your Employees This Year?

The holiday season is the perfect time to show employees that their hard work throughout the year is appreciated. From cash to extra time off, there are a wide variety of options to let your workforce know you’re grateful. So, for our November question of the month, we want to know what type of holiday […]

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Teamwork Lessons from Football Legends

If there were a national championship for workplace team performance, would your team be in it to win it—or would they miss the playoffs? While individual achievement is important, teamwork is critical to a company’s success. So, how do you get your workers to pull together as a team? Take some tips from these professional football […]

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Survey: 58% of Workers Want to Work More Hours; Only 10% Say Fewer

Express Employment Professionals recently released new survey results revealing workers’ desire to put in more hours on the job. In a recent poll, Express asked employed individuals, “If your employer allowed you to, would you work more hours, less hours, or the same hours?” A majority of respondents, 58%, said “more hours,” while only 10% […]

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Question of the Month: How will you handle the extra workload during the holiday season?

We’re one month away from the final quarter of 2015, and with that, it’s time to plan for the increased workload during the holiday season. Whether you’re expecting a boost in sales or an increase in employees using vacation days, it’s important to know how you will maintain a high level of productivity and customer […]

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Why Employers Can’t Afford to Ignore the Skills Gap

You hear it every day: businesses can’t find qualified workers, yet workers can’t find jobs. It sounds like an oxymoron, but the “skills gap” is real and growing at an alarming rate. According to Fortune magazine, there is likely to be a shortage of about 40 million high-skilled workers and 45 million medium-skilled workers by […]

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