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“On the Job” Podcast – Hidden in the Hills: Prohibition Still Echoes in Rural New York

In this week’s seventh and final episode of the On the Job podcast series, a Duchess County New York woman who formerly ran the local tourism bureau has taken over a distillery with a storied history—gangster Dutch Schultz once reigned there. Hear how she turned it into a local attraction and used skills from all parts of […]

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Infographic: How to Be an Inspirational Leader

What are the most important characteristics of an inspirational leader? According to research from global management consulting firm Bain & Company, there are 33 distinguishing characteristics that the most influential leaders share. Check out the infographic below for more insight.

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3 Quick Tips for Responding to Employees Who Ask for a Raise

When an employee asks for a raise, there are many different paths the conversation can take. If the employee is a star performer, has proven their mettle, and is actively helping drive the company forward, the answer is often quite clear. And, the same can be said if an underperforming employee who has missed a […]

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“On the Job” Podcast Episode 6: Legislator and Rancher

In this week’s episode of the On the Job podcast series, we meet a cattle rancher in rural Colorado who is also a state representative. Tune in to learn about the two sides of her work life, and listen as she does chores on her ranch. Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job podcast is a seven-week series featuring a […]

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The Results Are In: “Providing for Family” Top Driver of Career Success

In May, we asked our readers what drives them most to succeed in their careers, and with 37% of the votes, “Providing for your family” was the most selected option followed by “Financial freedom to pursue personal interests” with 24%. The rest of the results were received as follows: Building personal wealth (7%) Personal recognition […]

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Businesses Warn $15 Minimum Wage Means Higher Prices, Lost Jobs

New Survey Highlights Real Consequences of Wage Policies; One-Third Would Raise Prices; 3 Percent Would Shut Down  Express Employment Professionals released new survey results revealing how businesses would react to a minimum wage increase to $15 per hour. In a survey of 1,030 businesses, respondents were asked, “What action(s) would you take if minimum wage increased […]

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“On the Job” Podcast Episode 5: Caregiver and Friend

In this week’s episode of the On the Job podcast series, we meet two women, one of whom is a caretaker, while the other nearly a centenarian. Learn about what it takes to make their relationship work, and how the caretaker’s job is central to the older woman’s independence. Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job […]

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Our Stressful World

A message from leadership expert Jim Stovall. Among the many changes in our world that our parents or grandparents would find most startling here in the 21st century is the level of what we call stress. Most of us would define stress as too many activities with not enough time or the heightened pressure to produce […]

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“On the Job” Podcast Episode 4: Gimmie Shelter

This week’s episode of the “On the Job” podcast focuses on Terrica Ellis, a rental agent, and Mitch McNeal, an executive at a faith-based chain of assisted living facilities, and how Express Employment Professionals found them the perfect jobs for their next steps. Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job podcast is a seven-week series featuring a wide […]

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3 Ways Social Media Has Redefined Workplace Communication

Today, more and more of our lives are chronicled online, a trend that will only become more prevalent in the years to come as social media continues to infiltrate every aspect of daily life. In many ways, we’re only beginning to understand the impact of our increasingly connected existence and the effects social media will […]

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