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47% of U.S. Employees Forced to Self-Train Due to Lack of Knowledge Transfer from Retiring Employees

As senior employees prepare to exit the workforce, 84% of U.S. employees say it’s a big loss when older employees retire without passing on their years of knowledge to younger employees. And when the transfer of knowledge fails to happen, workers can be left learning how to do a job on their own with nearly […]

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Infographic: What’s Your Leadership Style?

From the commander-style leader to an administrator to a delegator, there are several different leadership styles in the workplace, and all versions have their own benefits. As President Abraham Lincoln once said, “whatever you are, be a good one. In an infographic, WebFX highlights eight different leadership styles, including the qualities, advantages, and difficulties each […]

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Despite Labeling Two Weeks’ Notice a Courtesy, Majority Agree Companies Will Not Rehire Former Employees Without One

The majority of U.S. adults (87%) say employees are familiar with the concept of providing a two weeks’ notice to employers upon leaving. However, despite stating this advance notice is merely a courtesy (61%) as opposed to a requirement (39%), 53% believe companies would never rehire someone without it. (more…)

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