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Are You Wasting Your Employees’ Time? The Surprising Facts

Time. It’s undeniably one of the most valuable commodities – for both companies and individuals. There are countless books on productivity and time management, efficiencies, and project management. But a common theme many of them have is how to manage around the inefficiencies in work – e-mail, meetings, systems – instead of focusing on how […]

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Is Your Brainstorming Broken? 7 Secrets of Effective Idea Sessions

As the saying goes, you either lead the market or chase it. How does your team respond to the changes the business world brings each day? Do they look to case studies or seek to create them? Do they see challenges as obstacles or opportunities? As history shows, companies that are willing to invest in […]

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Bad Employees: Just How Bad Are They for Your Team?

Even if a workplace is full of great employees, one bad apple can spoil the bunch. Sometimes, it’s a bad boss that turns the workplace sour. Other times, it’s a bad employee or co-worker. So, this month, we’re asking readers of our career blog, Movin’ on Up, and of Refresh Leadership what they think about […]

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Forget these 5 E-mail Myths: New Ways to Say Less, Get More Done

You’ve probably heard a lot about inbox management and information overload. Some studies show that managing e-mail could take up as much as 15-20 hours a week – as much as a part-time job! That’s a sobering statistic. But, as a leader, have you ever considered the impact you make on your workforce with your […]

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What’s the Worst Kind of Boss?

Every boss has their own style, a leadership instinct that has both a positive and negative side. There are four basic types of leadership personalities: the tiger, the fox, the chameleon, and the ostrich. When a boss is really bad and relies only on the negative elements of their instinct, it can make the workplace […]

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