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Hiring Plans Show Business May Be Rebounding After Tumultuous 2020

For more relevant news stories, check out America Employed. Just one year ago, only 31% of hiring decision-makers said they planned to increase their company’s number of employees, but signs of life emerged over the next 12 months as that percentage increased to 39% in the second half of 2020. Now it sits at 46% […]

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Year in Review: Focusing on Workplace Development

In keeping with traditions, we take time each year to look back on the past 12 months and share the top Refresh Leadership articles of the year. And in doing so, we uncover articles you may have missed. However, 2020 was like no other year we’ve experienced in the business community. It has been full […]

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Top 3 Benefits of Using a Professional Recruiter

Professional recruiters are in the business of matching employers with the best talent the job market has to offer. Their expertise helps companies shoulder the burden of maintaining an efficient, productive, and skilled workforce, while helping qualified candidates access top jobs. Here are the top three benefits of using professional recruiters. (more…)

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Join Us Aug. 6 for National Interview Day!

While Express Employment Professionals has the honor of interviewing people every day, our third annual National Interview Day on Aug. 6 is designed to help us be ready for our clients’ hiring needs during one of the busiest times of the year. And as businesses are navigating the current economic situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

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Planning Ahead: Creating Leadership Strategies for Real-life Scenarios

Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Though seemingly pessimistic, this point of view can have an extremely positive outcome if embraced fully. Understanding that troubles and tribulation will come during your tenure as a leader is an ever-present viewpoint needed in order to protect your organization and employees. (more…)

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Developing Leaders in Your Organization

Having the right leaders is a key component to building long-term stability, creating a competitive culture, and attracting the market’s top talent. However, some businesses feel there is a leadership skills gap within their workforce. (more…)

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Maximizing Your Online Job Search

Many job seekers grow frustrated with their job search after completing countless applications online and never hearing back. However, the problem often isn’t the online job search itself, but rather the way in which job seekers are conducting their search. In their 2019 Job Seeker Nation Survey, Jobvite found that most applicants apply for jobs […]

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3 Ways to Attract the Right Talent for Your Culture

For successful businesses to maintain a competitive advantage in their market, it’s imperative to cultivate a strong and vibrant culture. A company culture is composed of the shared values and behaviors that comprise the unique social environment of a business. From a more laid-back, remote workforce to a classic suit-and-tie, 8-to-5 setting, a culture not […]

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Top Markets Needing Workers Now

Despite record unemployment numbers in America due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are still looking for workers as revealed in a recent market analysis of the last 30 days from Express Employment Professionals. Illinois boasts the largest number of job openings through Express at 749, followed by Texas (706), California (553), Tennessee (541), and Pennsylvania […]

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Acing Virtual Job Interviews

After weeks of non-essential business closures, some states and provinces are eyeing lifting shelter-in-place orders for residents, allowing businesses to start resuming operations. The new reality of social distancing has changed the landscape for business operations in almost every aspect, including the interview process, which is why job seekers need to be prepared for the […]

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