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Leading by the Numbers: What Your Enneagram Says About You as a Leader (Type 4: The Individualist)

Leading by the Numbers is a nine-part series.  Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a leader is imperative to not only leading others, but also leading yourself effectively. But the make-up of great leaders doesn’t just lay in the balance on the pros and cons scale, it is the amalgamation of intricate character traits and […]

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Office Wellness: Quick Tips to Stay Healthy in the Workplace

A healthy body and mind is an important part of a productive workday. But for most of us, our weekdays consist of sitting at a desk for roughly 40 hours a week – typically with poor posture. Because of our sedentary ways, it seems impossible to achieve our health and fitness goals. You don’t have […]

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Creating Business Goals That Stick

Every year when the calendar turns over from December to January, leaders across every industry and business sector turn over a new leaf on a new year. And while most embrace this opportunity as a chance to build upon the success experienced in the previous year, they also see the need to create strategic goals […]

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Year in Review: Top Posts of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to look back at the most read posts of the year! From management advice to emotional intelligence to rebuilding trust as a leader, the top posts in the past 12 months come from a wide range of topics. So before we close the books on 2019 and […]

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TED Talk: Efficient Leadership in the Digital Era

With a focus on innovation and quick decisions, it can be difficult for leaders to also focus on efficiency and well-thought out decisions. In her TED Talk titled Efficient Leadership in the Digital Era, CEO and Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group Charlene Li explains that it’s “less about control and more about empowerment: enabling employees […]

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The 27 Days of Christmas

Thanksgiving is over, so now it’s basically Christmas! Here’s a fun, musical message from Express Employment Professionals featuring YouTube stars Tripp and Tyler to help you get into the holiday spirit! Contact your local Express Employment Professionals office today to learn more about how we can help with your all seasonal staffing needs!    

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The Critical Question

A Motivational Message from Leadership Expert Jim Stovall This column is for people who are attempting to achieve something extraordinary. The principles are designed to help you realize world class results within a limited scope. This advice should not be applied to creating lifelong balance and stability in your personal, professional, family, financial, fitness, faith, or […]

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VIDEO: How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

Do you struggle with work-life balance? Do you have a hard time as a leader creating a company culture that fits with your employees’ need for balance? Check out this TED Talks featuring author and marketer Nigel Marsh for insight into the importance of the individual to determine how to make work-life balance work.

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Scary Good Leadership: Are You Feared or Revered?

October 31 is just around the corner, and for many employees, the scariest part of Halloween isn’t the ghouls and ghosts—it’s their leader. Leadership style has a major impact on employees—from their motivation for doing quality work to their decision to stay with the company long term, leaders set the tone for employee engagement. There’s […]

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10 Quotes to Help You See a Project Through

Success wouldn’t mean nearly as much if you didn’t have to work hard to achieve. However, sometimes, the very things that create character can be a detriment to success in the long run. There are many instances when people were so close to the finish line, but couldn’t see the end in sight, so they […]

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