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3 Ways Social Media Has Redefined Workplace Communication

Today, more and more of our lives are chronicled online, a trend that will only become more prevalent in the years to come as social media continues to infiltrate every aspect of daily life. In many ways, we’re only beginning to understand the impact of our increasingly connected existence and the effects social media will […]

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Question of the Month: Will You Take Time Off Work for a Vacation this Summer?

With the summer months quickly approaching, many workers have already started planning time away from the office. According to a survey conducted by AYTM, a market research company, summer is by far the most popular time of year for vacations, with July being the busiest month of the season. Taking a break to travel, spend […]

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“On the Job” Podcast Episode 3: A Job for Life

In this week’s episode, one of public radio’s premier producers discovers secrets from her mother’s career journey from typist and switchboard operator to helping run the American Psychiatric Association. Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job podcast is a seven-week series featuring a wide range of stories about the pursuit of work. Start Listening Today! Jobs […]

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Must-Have Skills the Future Workplace Will Demand

A popular story line in science fiction, the concept of technological singularity states, in a nutshell, is that there will eventually come a point in time when society will become so technologically advanced that machines will no longer need humans to “survive.” Luckily, we’re not quite there yet. However, it is true the pace of […]

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Businesses Question Effectiveness of Government Job Training Programs

In New Survey, Only 27 Percent Call Them Effective; Majority Says “Neither Effective nor Ineffective” Express Employment Professionals released new survey results revealing how business leaders view government job training programs. In a survey of 1,030 businesses, respondents were asked, “How effective are government job training programs?” Only 27 percent said they are effective, with 3 […]

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On the Job Podcast: Episode 2 – Not Your Grandpa’s Shop Class

These motivated high school students spend half their days learning a trade. Some of them will go on to college; other graduates will begin apprenticeships. But every student is taking full advantage of thousands of dollars of free technical education that will prepare them for high-paying careers. Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job podcast is […]

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What They Have vs. What You Need

New graduates need established skills to land a job, but can’t land a job without experience. When it comes to hiring recent grads, it can be difficult to assess their skills when there’s little to no experience in the field. How do you vet candidates who are just beginning their career? Here are a few […]

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Introducing a New Podcast Series – On the Job: From Hired to Retired and Everything in Between

The seven-week series will feature a wide range of stories about the pursuit of work. Express Employment Professionals is proud to announce a new podcast series titled On the Job: From Hired to Retired and Everything in Between. Jobs give us a connection to our communities and the ability to provide for ourselves and our […]

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TEDTalks: Don’t Let Rejection Define You

Do you have a fear of rejection? Has it affected the way you perform at work? It’s not an uncommon feeling for many workers and overcoming that fear often comes down to forcing yourself to experience it … over and over again. Check out this recent TEDTalk featuring entrepreneur and author Jia Jiang for insight […]

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Express Employment Professionals 2017 Survey of the Unemployed

Express Employment Professionals recently released results from a new poll of unemployed Americans showing a greater sense of optimism about the future among the unemployed. The national survey of 1,500 jobless Americans age 18 and older between March 14 and April 6, 2017 was conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Express and offers […]

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