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This week on Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond discusses “Vision.”

According to Walter:

“When you have a vision and you’re going somewhere, it gets people excited. They get optimistic. And they can’t wait to arrive at the destination. So, if you’re a business owner, if you’re a leader of a department, if you’re a sales manager, you’ve got to set a vision. And your employees, or whoever reports to you, need to constantly be reminded are we there yet.”

Check out the video below to hear Walter discuss the importance of not only having a vision, but also communicating that vision to the people you lead. He’ll also give you some tips for creating your vision and a few key points you should be thinking about.

What is your “vision” for your company and how do you communicate it to your employees? Does your workforce rally around the vision? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→

The results of a recent CareerBuilder survey showed a surprising trend among people seeking to climb the corporate ladder – there’s not as many of them as you may think.

According to the survey, “Most American workers are not aiming for the corner office,” and “approximately one third (34%) of workers aspire to leadership positions, with only 7% aiming for senior or C-level management.”

The top reasons employees give for why they are not seeking to advance include:

  • 52% are satisfied with their current role
  • 34% don’t want to sacrifice work/life balance
  • 17% simply do not have the necessary education to move into leadership roles

Check out the full results from CareerBuilder

Have you seen similar trends among your workforce? Are your employees actively trying to advance, or are they satisfied with their current position? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→

With September in the books, October marks the first full month of autumn and the start of the final quarter of 2014. So between enjoying the cooler weather and watching the leaves turn, here are five things to do this month!

Raise Awareness for a Cure
October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and is a great month to get your team involved in raising money and providing knowledge on detection. According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Whether you personally have suffered from it, or you know someone who has, this month is a great time to build awareness and raise money for medical research. From hosting a fun run to sponsoring a 5k, there are countless ways for you and your team to get involved. For more information, visit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Get Organized to Start the Fourth Quarter
Spring isn’t the only time meant for cleaning! The first week of October is “Get Organized Week,” and what better time than now to get organized to ensure your team ends the year strong – without all the clutter. Whether your individual workspace needs a little TLC or your office storage closet is in dire need of a makeover, be sure to take time to organize before your workforce shrinks for the holiday season. And if you don’t already, implement a recycling policy to make your office green. Read More→

This week on Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond discusses transformation. In previous episodes, he’s discussed the important principles of thinking, executing, and dominating. Now he wants you to put them all together to create a positive transformation in your business and your life.

Drawing on examples that range from Starbuck’s to reality TV, Walter challenges you to think about what small changes you can make that will transform your company.

According to Walter:

“Most of your transformations are going to be based on small decisions over time that will have a huge impact.”

Check out this week’s episode of Peak Performer’s Life and start thinking about how you would like to “transform” your business.

What are some small changes you’re going to make in your business? How will they help bring about a transformation? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→

It’s the fourth quarter, and we’re entering the home stretch of 2014. With 2015 just around the corner, many companies are feeling the pressure to finish strong. For our October question of the month, we want to know what you anticipate being the biggest roadblock to successfully closing out 2014 and getting a strong start to 2015.

In episodes one and two of Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond explained the importance of thinking and executing. In this week’s episode, he discusses how to put those terms into action and how they will help you “dominate.” According to Walter:

“You were designed to dominate. You were built to dominate. So, when you wake up in the morning, dominating should come natural to you. In fact if you think and execute really well, you won’t even have to worry about dominating because it will just happen.”

Check out this week’s motivational message from Walter Bond. Drawing from his experiences during his professional basketball career and his professional speaking career, Walter will try to drive home the important lessons he’s learned about how to dominate.

Peak Performers Life Podcast Episode 3 – Dominate (Hosted by Walter Bond and Express Employment Professionals) from Walter Bond on Vimeo.

What are some ways you dominate in your workplace each day? How do you coach others to dominate? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→

The Power of Team Building

The age-old mantra “there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’” is just as true in sports as it is in the business world. So building a team built on positivity and empowerment is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage and remaining innovative in your business community. According to the infographic The Power of Team Building, developed by Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman, team building has major effects on your workforce, including boosting morale, improving creativity, increasing retention, and more! Check out this infographic and let us know how you’ve implemented team building at your office in the comments section below! Read More→

Research has shown over and over that people involved with a quality mentor do better in their careers – and personal lives – than those who go it alone, and that applies to everyone from school-age children to top business executives. Bottom line: purposefully seeking out advice and knowledge from others is one of the characteristics of successful people.

The presence or absence of mentoring can also affect the successfulness of a business. A report from the Harvard Business Review recently revealed “that the lack of training opportunities and mentorship schemes in the workplace are the two biggest reasons why young workers leave.” On the flip-side, the report also shows “companies that provide mentoring opportunities are better equipped, and proven to deal more positively with talent acquisition, periods of intense, disruptive high growth, change management, C-suite succession planning, and board director development.” Read More→

Last week, Walter Bond challenged you to “Think.” This week he shares the next step – Execute.

According to Walter, this means “putting in a plan of action – and actually doing it.” He believes “everyone has great ideas, but in many cases people struggle with execution.”

In this episode of Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond discusses the importance of not only learning how to execute your ideas, but also how to do it under pressure. Drawing on examples from his professional basketball career and his successful motivational speaking career, Walter will share his insight on “execution” and how committing to putting your ideas into action can be a major game changer.

Peak Performers Life Podcast Episode 2 – Execute (Hosted by Walter Bond and Express Employment Professionals) from Walter Bond on Vimeo.

What are some instances when you were challenged to execute your plans? What was the roadblock? How did you get past it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Walter Bond and Peak Performer’s Life is brought to you by Express Employment Professionals. Don’t forget to check back each Wednesday for a new message from Walter Bond! If you missed an episode of Peak Performer’s Life, visit the archive to catch up. Read More→

Social media sites are used by one-third of the world’s population. More and more of our lives are being lived out and displayed online, a trend that will likely only become more prevalent in the years to come. So, what are the side effects of living in a society that’s always plugged in? Check out this quick video from AsapSCIENCE for some interesting insight into how social media is changing our brains. 

What side effects have you noticed or experienced as a result of our increasingly plugged in society? How does it affect your employees or their work ethic? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→