High Turnover? The Solution Starts at the Top

Leading a business can be scary. After all, there is a lot depending on your ability to effectively lead—your personal life, employees’ livelihoods, your customers’ ability to function, your professional reputation.  And, for top leadership, there are no cop-outs. Most issues and problems facing your company are within your control. Even for the few things […]

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Patience and Procrastination

Patience is a significant element of success, and procrastination is a significant element of failure. To an outside observer, patience and procrastination can look the same. The difference between patience and procrastination can be determined by whether you’re waiting on something or something is waiting on you. If you drive by a farm during the springtime, […]

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Peak Performer’s Life: Are You Stressed Out?

This week on Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond discusses the importance of time management. He explains that time management is your ability to allocate time to each desired task. By not managing time effectively, people are putting themselves in stressful situations. According to Walter: “We all have 24 hours in a day, so why are […]

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Saying vs. Telling: Communication Works Best When It’s Conversational

In both our careers and personal lives, strong communication skills can be one of the most important drivers of success. From achieving goals, building relationships, staying innovative, or leading a company, as a leader it’s vitally important to ensure your vision is being effectively communicated. And though the means by which we interact with each […]

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Labour Force Participation Trend in Canada Cause for Concern

Express Employment Professionals Releases 10-year Federal/Provincial Analysis of Rates Highest LFPR: Alberta Lowest LFPR: Newfoundland Express Employment Professionals recently released a 10-year analysis of provincial labour force participation rates (LFPR) across Canada revealing which provinces have the highest and lowest percentage of people in the workforce. Overall a national trend is clear, there’s a slight but […]

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Express Releases State-by-State Analysis of Labor Force Participation Rates

In Some States, almost half the population is neither employed nor looking for work. Highest LFPR: North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota Lowest LFPR: Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia Express Employment Professionals recently released a new analysis of state labor force participation rates (LFPR), revealing which states have the highest and lowest percentage of […]

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