The Results Are In: How Does Your Company Promote Employee Health and Wellness

In March, we asked our readers how their companies promote Employee Health and Wellness, and more than 400 of you weighed in. Coming in first, 26.59% said “We don’t have any initiatives in place to promote health and wellness,” followed by “We have a gym or offer discounts for outside gym memberships” at 20 %, […]

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Live Blog: 2015 Refresh Leadership Live Simulcast

The 2015 Refresh Leadership Live Simulcast is happening now! We will be here during the program live blogging the event throughout the morning. Are you attending Refresh Leadership Live?  Sound off in the comments section below to tell us about your favorite moments of the event. Emcee and Express Vice President of Sales and Marketing […]

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Kick These Bad Health Habits Out of Your Workplace

Healthy employees are better workers. Whether it’s an entry-level employee, middle manager, or top executive, the better the health decisions people make, the more engaged and motivated they are in the workplace. In fact, “the healthiest employees are nearly three times more productive while at work than the least healthy,” according to a study highlighted […]

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Employee Wellness: Healthy Companies Retain Top Talent

It is nearly impossible to go anywhere in North America and not see or hear something about healthy living. Whether bombarded with advertisements for the latest wearable technology, infomercials on a new-and-improved home workout gym, or articles informing you on the dangers of obesity, health and wellness is at the forefront of society’s discourse. However, […]

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Question of the Month: Does Your Company Have a Comprehensive Succession Plan?

Whether it’s a planned retirement or a sudden, unexpected exit, when a top leader parts ways with their company, the toll on productivity and success can be significant if you’re not prepared.  According to a 2010 Stanford University study, “More than half of companies today cannot immediately name a successor to their CEO should the […]

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