Survey Results: Why Don’t Applicants Accept Jobs and What Causes Employees to Leave?

Low Pay is the Top Reason Job Seekers Turn Down Opportunities; Lack of Advancement is No. 1 Reason People Leave Jobs Express Employment Professionals recently released results from a survey of businesses revealing the hurdles that stop applicants from accepting jobs, as well as the top reasons employees leave jobs. Respondents were asked, “What hurdles stop […]

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The Results Are In: Only 7% Say Career Path Led Where They Envisioned

In July, we asked our readers how different their career path has been from what they envisioned,and only 7% say they are exactly where they thought they’d be. In stark contrast, the vast majority of respondents said their career path has led them somewhere completely different than what they envisioned. The rest of the results […]

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Survey: 63% of Businesses Say Filling Positions is “Difficult”

24% Say “Very Difficult” – Highest of Past Six Quarters; Only 6% Report Filling Positions is “Very Easy” Express Employment Professionals recently released new survey results revealing the increasing difficulty employers face when trying to recruit and fill positions. Respondents were asked, “Currently, how easy is it for you to recruit and fill positions?” The results […]

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Olympic Tips to Curb the Competition

Every four years, countries from all parts of the globe gather together for the time-honored tradition of pitting their national champions against one another in order for the world champions to emerge victorious. From Aug. 5 through Aug. 21, nearly 10,500 athletes from 207 countries will compete in 28 different sports for the chance to […]

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How Does Friendly Competition Among Co-Workers Affect Your Productivity?

Legendary sports journalist Howard Cosell said, “The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.” Everyone responds to competition in different ways. Some relish the opportunity to go head to head […]

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