Question of the Month: Are Annual Employee Reviews Still Relevant?

For many employees, fourth quarter means the dreaded annual review is on the horizon. Most businesses have some type of performance measurement and review procedure in place; however, their effectiveness can vary greatly between companies. In fact, many business leaders have started to question how important annual employee reviews really are to the company’s overall […]

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Business Survey: Government Job Training Programs Not Effective

Only 16% Say Programs Work; Need For Successful Training Programs Is High Express Employment Professionals recently released new survey results revealing that businesses have a low opinion of government job training programs. Respondents were asked, “In your opinion, how effective are government job training programs?” A total of 28 percent said the programs were either […]

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The Results Are In: 52% Say Workplace Competition is a Big Motivator

In August, we asked our readers how a little friendly competition among co-workers affects their productivity. And according to the results, 52% say competition is a big motivator. However, friendly workplace competition doesn’t have the same positive affect on everyone. Another 21% of respondents said “Competition stresses me out more than it motivates,” and 19% […]

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Will a Robot Do Your Job in the Future?

As machines and computers become more advanced, many more jobs will be replaced by automation. From fast food to retail, there are major implications for the future workforce, but could we ever become so technologically advanced that we ourselves become obsolete? According to the this TED Talk by Anthony Goldbloom, CEO of Silicon Valley start-up […]

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Survey Results: How Job Candidates Score an Interview—And Cleverest Resumes

PowerPoints, YouTube Videos Grab Attention; Lack of Experience Top Reason for Not Getting Interview Express Employment Professionals recently released new results from a survey of businesses revealing how applicants secure job interviews, why some applicants do not get interviews and some of the cleverest ways applicants have submitted resumes. Respondents were asked, “What are the best […]

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