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11-10-2021 SM AE

69% of Companies Say It’s Impossible to Offer All the Benefits Employees Want

Following a year of hardship and economic downturn, good compensation and benefits are crucial for employee recruitment and retention. However, in a time of fierce competition for top talent, 69% of companies say it’s impossible to offer all the benefits employees want.  (more…)

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The Results Are In: Increasing Pay to Retain Star Employees

In April, we asked readers if a star employee were offered a job with another company, how much of a pay increase over their current salary or wage would they offer to retain them? And with 39% of the votes, the top response was a 5 – 10% increase, followed by an 11 – 15% […]

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Are Companies Offering the Benefits Employees Want?

Besides salary, benefits offered by employers are among the top factors job seekers consider when choosing a company to work for. In fact, a recent Glassdoor study conducted by Harris Poll found that nearly 57% of people cited benefits and perks as a top consideration prior to accepting a job offer. As found in a […]

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The Results Are In: Are Your Company’s Benefits Skewed?

In September, we asked our readers if their companies’ benefits are skewed toward a specific demographic within their workplace, and with 73% of the votes, the vast majority said their benefits are fairly distributed. Approximately 10% believe parents receive the most benefit. “Men” and “single people” received 5% of the votes each, and “women” received […]

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Question of the Month: Are Your Company’s Benefits Skewed?

Question of the Month: Are Your Company’s Benefits Skewed?

From healthcare to flexible staffing, there are a wide variety of benefits companies offer their employees as part of their compensation package to help create better work-life balance or attract top talent. And with so many different types of employee benefits, it’s not uncommon for some to unequally benefit one group of employees over another. […]

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The Results Are In: Top Non-Health Benefits Companies Offer their Employees

In April, RefreshLeadership.com readers were asked, “What benefits – not including health – does your company offer employees?” and according to the results, the top benefit was “casual dress code” (16%), followed by “access to training/certification classes” (14%) in second, and “flexible work schedule” (9%) in third. The rest of the results are as follows: […]

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Question of the Month: What benefits – Not Including Health – Does Your Company Offer?

In a competitive job market, companies have to be more creative about how they attract and retain top talent. Differentiating your business from the competition through unique benefits and perks not only builds loyalty and engagement among your current workforce, but also helps attract job seekers with the right mix of skills and expertise your […]

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