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The Results Are In: 59% of Businesses Saw Growth in the First Half of 2018

In December 2017, we polled our readers about their business performance predictions for 2018. Of those who participated in the poll, 23% said they expected “exponential” growth and 58% expected “moderate” growth. Only 2% of businesses predicted a decrease in business volume—a 4% decrease over 2017’s predictions. In July, with the first half of 2018 […]

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Have You Found Your “Ikigai”

Although we’re all just working for a living, the individual driving forces that motivate us to succeed each day are vastly different. The Japanese concept of ikigai (“eye-ka-guy”), or “a reason for being” is a useful self-assessment framework that can help put your career wants, needs, and desires into context and provide direction for building […]

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