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The Results Are In: Are Your Company’s Benefits Skewed?

In September, we asked our readers if their companies’ benefits are skewed toward a specific demographic within their workplace, and with 73% of the votes, the vast majority said their benefits are fairly distributed. Approximately 10% believe parents receive the most benefit. “Men” and “single people” received 5% of the votes each, and “women” received […]

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The Results Are In: Top Non-Health Benefits Companies Offer their Employees

In April, RefreshLeadership.com readers were asked, “What benefits – not including health – does your company offer employees?” and according to the results, the top benefit was “casual dress code” (16%), followed by “access to training/certification classes” (14%) in second, and “flexible work schedule” (9%) in third. The rest of the results are as follows: […]

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