Bad Employee of the Week: Robin Hood’s Russell Crowe

rhWith a temper to rival Hollywood’s biggest divas, Russell Crowe’s most recent tantrum has won him the honor of this week’s bad employee in the business of show business. Crowe, known for his public altercations and outbursts, stormed out of a press interview promoting the new feature film, Robin Hood, during the Cannes film festival in May.

When a BBC interviewer mentioned hearing a touch of Irish accent in Crowe’s portrayal of England’s beloved Robin Hood, he was immediately affronted and expressed his frustration with a few not so choice words. The interview continued but ended abruptly when he decided to walk out. Crowe’s bad boy history of assaults on hotel employees and expletive-laden tantrums creates an awkward environment for onlookers and big headaches for film executives. And, his anger usually leaves a public relations storm of hurricane proportions in its wake – not a fun mess to clean up.

Have you ever had an employee prone to throwing temper tantrums at the office? We’d all like to think that temper tantrums have an expiration date after the terrible twos, but some people never quite grow out of them. Everyone gets frustrated and stressed from, time to time but when tempers explode in the workplace, they can create a hostile work environment that impacts your entire team.

Workplace rants can be awkward, uncomfortable, and extremely off-putting. So, address anger problems head on. If an altercation occurs, take the offending employee aside to let them know outbursts are not acceptable. Make sure to also listen to their side of the story to get to the bottom of their frustrations to see if you can help solve the problem that caused the blowup. They could just be feeling overwhelmed about their workload or simply need some direction on a project or task they’re feeling stressed about.

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