How to Build Morale in 5 Quick Minutes a Day

quicklyboostmoraleMorale is a big problem in today’s workplace. In a recent survey by Express Employment Professionals of more than 15,000 company leaders, 42% of respondents have noticed a drop in morale this year. That’s almost half, and that number doesn’t even include those leaders who are out of touch with their employees and don’t know morale is even an issue.

But handling the current morale crisis doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or time consuming. It simply requires consistency, dedication, and communication. Take five minutes each day and try implementing these three morale boosters.

Take time to say hello.

Make the rounds each morning and greet all your employees. Taking a few minutes to inquire about how someone is doing or asking about their evening or weekend goes a long way to lift spirits. Your team will feel like you care about them as people, and you’ll stay connected with your employees.

Give praise when praise is due.
When you see a project done well, or if you hear someone praise a specific product, make sure to acknowledge the success. Based on your personality and the personality of the employee, praise them in person, in a hand-written note, or in a short email blast to your entire time. Everyone benefits from sincere praise, and nothing brings on a smile better than heartfelt kudos!

Keep everyone focused on the goal.
As new projects are assigned throughout your team, confirm the objective of each task. Is the goal to increase sales, disperse information, or please the customer? A key factor in maintaining high morale is ensuring everyone knows what role they play on the team and how they fit into the big picture. This is a must-have for employees to be engaged!

Low morale is going to be a major workplace battle in 2011. Unchecked, it can lead to lost productivity and an increase in turnover. Don’t let it infiltrate and hurt your team. Taking a few minutes each day to communicate with your employees will save you, and your business, from problems down the road!

2 Responses to How to Build Morale in 5 Quick Minutes a Day

  1. anonymous May 3, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    My co-workers and I are definitely suffering from lack of morale and a manager who manages up, is very self centered and generally never participates any of the 3 mentioned tips to build our moral and unity. How do I get an article like this in front of her without implying the obvious?

  2. Jessica May 3, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

    One thing we do in our office is pass around 1 article per week to distribute and read. After reading the article, the employees signs off. Then we discuss the article at our weekly meetings. The premise is circulating information that will better everyone’s life, productivity and increase awareness. By getting everyone involved, no one is singled out.

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