Quick Tips: Add Pizzazz to Your Daily Drive

PRD11RL_QUICK-TIPS_FSometimes the commute to and from work can be the worst part of the day. Traffic jams, wrecks, construction, and impatient drivers all make for a frustrating drive when you’re trying to get home after a hectic day at the office. And, with the average American spending 46 minutes a day commuting, according to a Gallup poll in 2010, and the Canadian commute averaging 63 minutes a day, according to a 2006 StatCanada report, morning and evening commutes are a reality that most working adults face at least five days a week.

If moving closer to work or inventing a transporter aren’t viable options for your situation, check out these tips on how to add some pizzazz to your daily drive.

Recorded Books
No matter your taste, listening to recorded books will help liven up your drive time. If you prefer humorous fiction, laughing for over a half an hour will not only burn calories, it will help relieve stress and tension. Or, if your tastes run more along the lines of leadership how-to books, with an average length of three hours, you can blaze through your desired reading list at a rate of about a book a week.

Make a List
Writing while driving is not safe or wise, however you can make a to-do list using a voice recorder or even a recording app on your smart phone. Not only will you get a lot of things off your mind, you’ll also be able to accomplish more once you arrive at your destination because all the thinking and processing will be done. And, don’t just use this tip for work projects, make lists of fun things too, such as gift ideas, possible vacation spots, or personal goals.

Grow Your Language Skills
Say “hola” to expanding your cultural development and “au revoir” to wasting almost an hour of your life every workday. Most language programs have CDs or podcasts you can listen to as you drive, and your local library probably has a wide variety of options so you’re not doling out any extra “dinero.” And, as an extra bonus, studies have shown that learning additional languages increases multi-tasking skills, thinking abilities, and even staves off Alzheimer’s.

Catch Up With Friends and Family
If you have a hands’ free phone system in your car, dial a loved one as you’re pulling out of your driveway or parking spot. A phone call will go much further to maintain ties than writing on their Facebook wall once a week. It will also help you focus more at work once you arrive, rather than trying to fit in personal calls at your desk.

Jam Out
After a while, radio personalities can get annoying and hearing the same songs on the radio in between hundreds of commercials really doesn’t help anyone’s mood. That’s what makes homemade compilation albums and playlists so wonderful. Make yourself a CD or mp3 playlist to fit your various moods when you’re driving, just take care to stay within copyright laws.

Try one of these tips each day next week, and see how much better your attitude is once you get to work in the mornings and home in the evenings!

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