5 Easy Ways to Embrace the Season of Thankfulness

stk128219rkeSometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the meaning and importance of Thanksgiving in light of the impending Christmas and end-of-the-year celebrations. But it’s a great time to focus on bringing a thankful spirit to your workplace. Try implementing at least one of these five simple ideas in your business this month and see the positive effect it has on your team.

Give Back to Your Community
Nothing helps you appreciate what you already have more than focusing on those in need. If your work load allows, take your entire team on an outing to serve meals at a local mission or shelter. Or, if that isn’t possible, hold a canned food drive so local families in your community can have a nice Thanksgiving meal.

Share Your Feelings
Praise is good all year long, but, this month especially, communicate your appreciation to your employees. Whether you prefer to hand write a note, type out an online e-card, or share some verbal kudos, make sure each of your team members know how much they are valued. Also, encourage everyone on your team to tell their co-workers how much they appreciate them.

Show Some Customer Appreciation
No matter your industry or position, ensure your clients realize that you know how important they are to your business. If you’re in direct contact with consumers, providing a discounted price or just making it a point to thank each one for their patronage are great ideas. If your position doesn’t allow you to interact in person with customers, brainstorm with your team on ways to make your services or products more user-friendly and cost effective.

Count Your Blessings
Hopefully you love what you do and it’s easy to say you’re thankful for your job. But even if you’re not completely thrilled with your work life, you can still count your blessings. Make a list of all the positive things about your workplace, like good insurance, paid time off, opportunities to move up, and great co-workers. Then, when your next tough day comes along, you’ll have a great reminder of why you should still be thankful.

Have a Thanksgiving Meal with Your Work Family
A catered event on your nice china might be what you expect from your real Thanksgiving meal, but a fun meal with your co-workers doesn’t have to be that fancy. Have a potluck for your team and ask each person to bring their favorite, traditional Thanksgiving dish. Not only will everyone enjoy the time to eat and talk together, you might come away with a new favorite dish to share this year!

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