Quick Tips: 5 Out-of-the-Ordinary Holiday Parties

125726015Each business is as unique as the employees that make up its workforce. But it can be hard to keep the usual annual holiday party fresh and different from year to year, especially when trying to match it to your culture and budget. Check out these five tips on how to turn your year-end bash into an out-of-ordinary holiday party everyone will rave about for months to come.

For the In-Office Party
If you’re trying to keep the festivity costs down, keeping the party in the office and during regular working hours is the way to go. Consider having a progressive potluck luncheon where each department or area of the building hosts a course, such as appetizers, salads, main course, and desserts. Not only will this be extremely inexpensive, if not completely free, your employees will be able to move around and see how other teams are set up.

For the Big-Hearted Company
Since it is the season of giving, consider pouring your resources into a local charity and getting your employees involved. Instead of providing a meal for employees, let them serve meals at a local shelter. Or, if you normally give each employee a gift, encourage them to bring gifts for a deserving family by offering a drawing for a few big items – each gift they bring could equal one ticket in the drawing.

For the Family-Focused Business
Children give the holidays a whole new dimension of joy and excitement. Include your employees’ families in your celebration by renting a local movie theater and featuring a family-friendly, seasonal movie for everyone to enjoy. Offer free sodas and popcorn, and maybe even throw in a surprise visit from Santa.

For the Divided Workplace
Whether it’s due to distance, availability, or clashing personalities, sometimes a big group party just isn’t the best option. To help everyone still get in the holiday spirit and feel appreciated, provide each department or location with a budget to host their own small party. Not only will this build more team bonding, it will let each area celebrate in their own special way.

For the Non-Traditional Office
Avoid the Christmas rush and scheduling nightmares by waiting to hold your party until after Dec. 25. Host a Poverty Party to celebrate how poor everyone is after the holidays, whether it’s with a lobster and steak dinner or catered dinner at work. Generic gift cards would also be a great way to help replace all the money lost to toys, wrapping paper, and fruitcake.


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