4 Simple Ways to Brighten your Employees’ Day

Sometimes all it takes to brighten someone’s day is a small gesture, smile, or token of appreciation. The same goes towards your employees. With all the responsibilities that come with your role as manager, it is easy to get caught up in the daily grind and accidentally overlook your employees’ happiness at work. However, keep in mind that the small gestures you make toward boosting your team’s morale can have a huge impact on the success of your business. According to a study by Mood Tracker, 82% of employees said being recognized actually motivated them to do their jobs. So, here’s what you can do to brighten your employees day.

1. Show Appreciation
Many employees feel under-appreciated at work, so let them know how much you appreciate them. According to the same study by Mood Tracker, 81% of employees said recognition made them more satisfied with their work in the company. This doesn’t mean you should go around praising every single person, but make it a point to give positive feedback when you notice a job well done. This is especially important for employees who are motivated by words of affirmation.

If you think back to some outstanding things your employees have done, I’m sure you can come up with quite a long list. Don’t take their hard work and efforts for granted. You see them work and accomplish things on a daily basis, so let them know you appreciate it. Appreciation can be expressed in many forms. A tasty treat, a simple thank you, or even a high-five can go a long way.

2. Do What They Do
If you truly want to set an example, don’t be afraid to do your employees job with them. Just because you’re the manager doesn’t mean you’re too important to carry out the task. Try to avoid getting in their way, but show them you’re interested in lending a helping hand when needed.

You may also find this a great opportunity to observe your employees at work or find ways to make processes easier for them.

3. Communicate
Communicating with your employees is vital. Listen to their comments, ideas, and concerns, and ask them what changes they’d like to see implemented. Don’t underestimate your employees as they will likely come up with some great ideas.

While it is impossible to implement everyone’s ideas, it’s still important to lend them your ear. The simple fact of knowing you heard them and made an effort to apply one of their ideas will aid you in establishing a more solid relationship with your employees.

4. Give a Small Gift
Showing your employees you care about them will build morale and dedication. Small gifts are modest tokens of appreciation, so what do you give them?

Do you have an employee who absolutely loves Starbucks? Get them a gift card so that their next coffee is on you, or better yet, surprise your whole team. Does another employee love chocolate? Surprise them with a chocolate bar or chocolate chip cookies to share with the department. There are countless ways of showing your employees you pay attention. If you notice a lack of energy one week, let them go home early on Friday; a sweet surprise. Or, if your company doesn’t implement casual Fridays, perhaps you can get a green light for one sometime in the near future.

Whatever you do to show your employees you appreciate them, keep in mind it doesn’t always have to be something significant; it’s the thought that counts. �
What suggestions do you have for brightening up an employee’s day? Share your story in the comments section below.


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