The Results are In: What is the Key to Creating Strong Company Culture?

In October, we asked, “What is the number one key to creating a strong company culture?” The overwhelming majority (57.95%) of our readers said “an environment that encourages open communication” is most important; followed by “well-established company values and mission statement” (22.5%) and “innovative and forward thinking company leadership” (17.5%).

“Comprehensive hiring practices” was picked last (2.05%), which is surprising given the emphasis put on retaining top talent by companies that are consistently recognized for their strong culture. Southwest Airlines, for example, is renowned not only for how much focus is put on ensuring current employees enjoy their job, but also in ensuring they hire the right type of person that fits the culture.

Company culture as a whole is a hot topic right now for many businesses. Not only is the job market changing, job seekers themselves are changing. There will soon be five generations of employees working side by side in the workplace – each with their own set of values and beliefs. A major issue many companies are dealing with now is how to manage them. What works for one generation doesn’t necessarily work for another. And it’s this difference in motivational factors that makes establishing a strong company culture so difficult.

With that in mind, it makes sense that an environment that encourages open communication topped the list in our poll. An environment where employees feel comfortable speaking their mind is more conducive to creating trust and understanding. And being able to trust a co-worker or management is a major pillar of strong company cultures.

Do you agree with the results of the poll? What other factors do you think contribute to establishing a strong company culture? Let us know in the comments section below.

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