The Results are In: Your Business Performance Predictions for 2013

In our December question of the month, we asked about your business performance predictions for 2013. And the results are cautiously optimistic for the new year. Of those who participated in the poll, 43% say they will remain steady, but unchanged; 31% expect to see exponential growth; and 25% believe they will see a decrease in business volume.

These results seem to be in line with key economic indicators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while hiring is slow, it is expected to hold steady this year with average growth expected to be about 166,000 jobs a month. So, businesses are feeling confident, but not overly optimistic about significant growth.

The last-minute fiscal cliff deal did help stave off many fears, however there are still a lot of unknowns involved and future legislative battles that will play out over the coming weeks and months that will have the potential to make a profound impact on the economy and overall business performance. 

Are you hiring this year? Where do you see the greatest potential for growth? How are you preparing your business for 2013? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. J. Meixsell February 5, 2013 at 10:12 am #

    Hiring this year? Depends on whether or not customers place orders. A tax credit for hiring won’t make a difference, if it is offered, as we can’t pay employees if we don’t have sales, regardless of how much the government hands out.

    What will affect new sales? Customer’s ability to make a profit. If our customer can make a profit so will we. They hire us when they have the funds to do so.

    Fiscal cliff or no fiscal cliff, it is the ability of customers to purchase that determines our ability to hire employees.

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