5 Things to Do This Month: May 2013

We’ve survived April showers and are ready to bring in May flowers and all the sunshine that comes with them. So as the weather warms up and we get closer to summer, consider these five things to do this month!

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

School will soon let out for the summer, and families will start to plan vacations. From short, three-day weekend trips to two-week beach voyages to the Yucatan, your office will experience a flux in your workforce. It’s best to plan ahead to ensure productivity doesn’t dwindle while people are on vacation. Make sure you create a schedule for employees who will be out and let other team members know about your plans so they can schedule their projects accordingly. You may also want to consider using staffing services, like Express Employment Professionals, to fill any short-term employment gaps you experience this summer.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Work can get hectic from time to time. With never-ending projects, deadlines, and commitments, stress can have a negative impact in your office. And when left unattended, it can ruin employee morale and deteriorate a strong company culture. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, so it’s a great time to focus on the effects of stress and your employees’ overall mental wellness. Consider implementing activities and breaks into your office’s daily grind. Some workers feel they can’t afford to take breaks, but as a leader, it’s imperative you encourage each person to take a short break to walk outside or spend time with others in a break room. Studies show taking short breaks can help employees de-stress and refocus.

Mother’s Day – May 12

Most people have been impacted by a mother in one way or another. Whether our own or someone else’s, many of us have needed some motherly wisdom from time to time. Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May and is a great time to show our appreciation for the mothers in our lives. Make sure the Friday before, you acknowledge those in your office who have to balance not only a life of office projects, but their families as well. And, don’t forget to call your own mother!

Bike to Work Week / Bike to Work Day

May is not only National Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s also National Bike Month and a great excuse to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. From novices to touring semi-pros, everyone can benefit from the physical and mental effects of riding a bike. Consider starting a bicycle club at the office to build teamwork and encourage wellness. And don’t forget, May 13 through May 17 is Bike to Work Week. But if the thought of biking five days straight seems daunting, consider at least biking to work on Friday May 17 for Bike to Work Day.

Memorial Day – May 27

For many people, Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to the summer. From beaches and lakes to bathing suits and barbecues  some will use the three-day weekend to relax with friends and family. Perhaps more importantly, Memorial Day is a time to honor men and woman who have died while serving in the armed forces. Make sure you take time this holiday weekend to honor military family members and all who gave their life for the cause of liberty.

What other events do you enjoy in May? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Janine Burns May 7, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    Put flowers on mom and dad’s grave site.

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