Teamwork is a Towering Task

Since the 18th century, residents of the Spanish nationality of Catalonia have been taking part in the tradition of building castells – a multi-level human tower. The practice originated near the city of Tarragona and has since spread throughout the region.

A successful castell starts with a strong base of “castellers” who then support the next level of castellers on their shoulders, who in turn support the next level on their shoulders – and so on until a final single casteller climbs to the very top of the highest level and extends an arm showing four fingers, which symbolizes the four stripes of the Catalonian flag. Then, just as organized as the tower went up, the castellers descend, level by level until all members of the team have returned to the ground.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

It’s amazing what a team can do, and it’s that sentiment that’s at the heart of the castell tradition. In the workplace, teamwork can mean the difference between success and failure. Organizations that place an emphasis on team building and ensure they hire employees who fit their collaborative culture create an environment where everyone’s contributions are recognized and valued, which in turn drives productivity and success.

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