CareerBuilder Survey: Political Talk Heats Up the Workplace

Business couple arm wrestling at deskThe upcoming presidential election has been an incendiary topic for debate throughout 2016. And as Nov. 8 draws closer, the rhetoric and fighting will only intensify. Because the average workplace is made up of a broad range of personalities and beliefs, it’s not surprising that conflict over the election is becoming increasingly common occurrence for many businesses.

A recent CareerBuilder survey explored the election year workplace dynamic and what kind of toll talking politics at work takes on both employers and employees. According to the results, 30% of employers 17% of employees report having argued with a co-worker over a particular candidate this election season.

“With passions running high this political season, individuals run the risk of saying things or behaving in ways that can be considered unprofessional or discriminatory toward each other,” said Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer for CareerBuilder. “The tip to navigating the rough waters during election season is to make sure your conversations are fair and respectful. If you feel like political chit-chat is getting heated or confrontational, it’s time to walk away.”

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Has political talk increased in your workplace? Have there been any issues or conflicts as a result? Let us know in the comments section below.

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