“On the Job” Podcast Episode 4: Gimmie Shelter

This week’s episode of the “On the Job” podcast focuses on Terrica Ellis, a rental agent, and Mitch McNeal, an executive at a faith-based chain of assisted living facilities, and how Express Employment Professionals found them the perfect jobs for their next steps.

Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job podcast is a seven-week series featuring a wide range of stories about the pursuit of work.

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Jobs give us a connection to our communities and the ability to provide for ourselves and our families. Your work may be your passion, or it could just be the way you make ends meet. Each week, On the Job will share stories about the pursuit of work by delving into the employment situations people from all walks of life face each day.

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Check back next week for Episode 5: Caretaker and Friend: More than a Job


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