New Survey: How Many Job Applicants Fail Drug Tests?

6-28-2017-COM17AEChartAt Least One-in-Twenty Applicants Fail Test at 23% of Businesses; 35% of Businesses Say Zero Applicants Fail

In a low-unemployment era in which businesses are searching for qualified workers, Express Employment Professionals released new survey results revealing how many job applicants fail drug tests.

In a survey of 1,030 businesses, respondents were asked, “What percentage of your job applicants do not pass a drug test?”

Thirty-five percent said “zero.”

Forty-three percent said less than 5 percent of applicants fail.

Eight percent said 5 to 9 percent fail a drug test, 6 percent said 10 to 14 percent fail, and 9 percent said 15 percent or more fail.

In other words, at 65 percent of businesses, applicants are known to fail drug tests. And at 23 percent of businesses, more than one-in-twenty job applicants fail a drug test.

“There are plenty of hurdles beyond an individual’s control that make it hard to find a job, but avoiding drugs-even when it takes great effort-is something a job applicant can and must do. It’s unfortunate that drug use causes anyone to miss out on the chance to secure a job,” said Bob Funk, CEO of Express, and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

“This is a real strain on business, families and communities-and one that is too often overlooked.”

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