5 Ways to Show Your Employees They Are Valued

Employees want to feel valued in their jobs, and it’s up to employers to help make that happen. From retention and engagement to work-life balance, how a worker views their worth within their company can have a significant impact in their overall satisfaction with their lives, both inside and outside of the office.

It’s not surprising that workers who enjoy their responsibilities, like their work environment, and feel appreciated by their employers are going to perform better. Here are five ways you can ensure you’re making your employees feel valued.

Competitive compensation
Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work is through their paychecks. Although it has been shown that pay typically isn’t the top factor that drives employee engagement, salaries and overall compensation packages definitely have a major impact on job satisfaction and retention. Putting in long hours of hard work and dedication to success will be all the more rewarding when employees feel that they’re being fairly compensated for it.

Cancel meetings
It has been estimated that as much as $37 billion per year is wasted on unnecessary meetings. If fact, if you polled your workforce, you’d likely discover that the majority of employees, especially top performers, are sick and tired of attending meeting after meeting when they could be working. Trust plays a big role here. Of course some meetings are necessary, but if employees begin to feel like they are constantly being “checked up on” or that their valuable time is being wasted, they will start to question your faith in their ability to do the job, which can quickly lead to disengagement and resentment.

Support their personal goals
In order for workers to support their employers, they need to feel supported in return. And that support needs to extend past workplace goals to bolster their efforts to meet personal goals as well. It’s difficult for employees to focus on giving their best when their work and personal lives are out of whack. A feeling of pride and accomplishment in one will positively affect the other. So, providing support or opportunities for personal growth goes a long way toward showing your people that you are invested in their success. From tuition reimbursement programs to flexible schedules that allow participation in volunteer opportunities, there are many ways to help ensure your workforce feels fulfilled in all parts of their lives.

Keep equipment up to date
Simply having the proper equipment in place can show how invested you are in the work your employees do each day. From updated software to the latest advanced machinery, putting the best tools in the hands of the people who are working on the front lines of your business each day shows your commitment to their safety and success. Old, outdated equipment can leave employees feeling frustrated and undervalued, which can be a drain on performance, morale, and retention.

Listen to their suggestions
Fostering and maintaining an environment of inclusion—where everyone feels like their voices are heard and their ideas are genuinely considered is a key differentiator of businesses that remain on the cutting edge in their industries. As noted by the Harvard Business Review, “One simple way to make employees feel more included, particularly if they are more introverted, is to ask for their input and opinions in front of others. Listening to employees not only signals to them that you value their contributions, but also demonstrates to other employees that everyone has value. Plus, you get the added benefit of a diverse set of opinions.”

Nobody likes going to work five days a week and feeling disengaged, unappreciated, and passionless. Making a calculated and genuine effort to create a work environment where employees know they are valued will be the key to setting your company apart from the competition and driving success.

What are some ways you show your employees they are valued? Let us know in the comments section below.

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