The Results Are In: Staggered Hours and Telecommuting Favorite Flexible Work Arrangements

In July, we asked our readers what types of flexible work arrangements their companies provide and with 20% of the votes “Alternative/staggered hours scheduling” was the top choice followed by “Telecommuting/working remotely” in a close second with 19%.

The rest of the results were received as follows:

  • Flextime – 15%
  • Part-time work – 13%
  • Compressed work week – 8%
  • Job sharing – 3%

Another 21% of respondents said their company does not offer any flexible work arrangements, and 2% selected the “Other” option and submitted their own answers, including:

  • Shorter hours during the summer/slow months
  • Time off to attend church or other personal events
  • Each department sets their own arrangements that work best for their situations

Staying productive outside the office
Telecommuting and working remotely are becoming more commonplace in many workplaces thanks in large part due to the advancement over the years of technology to facilitate the process.

And, while working away from the office does have many perks, it also has its challenges that could impact your personal productivity. So, it’s important to learn how to maximize your work time at home to stay on top of your game and contribute to your company’s success, including:

  • Implementing a routine – And stick to it! A routine includes everything from what time you wake up to how you dress. The important thing is to find a way to kick your mind and body into work mode each day.
  • Having a designated workspace – Along the same lines as implementing a routine, having a designated workspace in your home or wherever you set up shop, can help you get into the zone and focus on work.
  • Cutting out the distractions – This one can be difficult—especially for parents with kids in the home. When it’s time to work, be sure to distance yourself from productivity killing triggers like the television, your bed, or noisy environments.
  • Setting daily goals – A list of tasks to accomplish each day before you “clock out” is good practice, no matter where you’re working, but it can be especially useful for keeping you on track when you’re outside the office

How do you fare working from home? What are some ways you hold yourself accountable and stay productive? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Nancy Morello August 15, 2017 at 8:54 am #

    I feel lucky to work within a team where working at home is sometimes an option. I feel very productive and often will start working much earlier than a typical work day. It is often an opportunity to catch up on small (but important) tasks that seem to keep getting pushed to the bottom of the priority list or on larger projects that need uninterrupted time to work on. The creative juices flow much easier.

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