Year in Review: Our Top 10 Posts of 2017

We’re gearing up for 2018 and planning another year of leadership and workplace development content, including in-depth analysis of current events, motivational anecdotes, quick tips, and much more. But in the meantime, check out our top 10 posts of 2017!

5 Employee Characteristics That Show Future Leadership Potential
“The next generation of company leaders may already work within your ranks. In today’s competitive job market, developing talent from within is more important than ever, so it’s imperative to keep on the lookout for current employees who show signs of future leadership potential.”

4 Important Statistics about Employee Wellness Programs
“Employees are a business’ most important asset, so it stands to reason that leaders would want to ensure the people working on the front lines are healthy in their bodies and their minds.”

Playground Diplomacy: Conflict Resolution Skills from Kindergarteners
“… the practical skills introduced in kindergarten may even affect our professional relationships and how we respond to many workplace situations. Conflict resolution, for example, is an important workplace skill that, if not fully developed, can create even more conflict in the long term.”

Lateral Climb: Moving Forward When You Can’t Move Up
“… sometimes reaching that next rung on the ladder is much easier said than done. Whether it’s lack of room at the top, changing business priorities, a mismatch of skills, or any of a wide range of both personal and professional challenges, many people find themselves stuck somewhere in the middle watching opportunities to climb become fewer and far between.”

Reboot Your Morning Routine for a Better Day
“If morning finds you feeling tired, rushing to pick up breakfast from a drive-thru window, and racing the clock to arrive to work on time, then it’s time for a change.”

The Biggest Workplace Time Wasters
“Today’s workplace is full of distractions. Modern conveniences, like email and the internet, can be double-edged swords. Technology has made our work more efficient, but it can also become a modern time waster if not used in the most thoughtful manner.”

The Results Are In: The Least Helpful Cliché Interview Questions
“Experienced interviewees prepare for many of these standard questions, so their answers can sound like they’re reciting well-polished, memorized lines. Such answers may not give you genuine insight into their true character or tell you whether or not they are the right fit for the job.”

3 Quick Tips for Responding to Employees Who Ask for a Raise
“… but what about those employees between the two extremes? The ones who are generally good employees, show up when required, meet deadlines, and perform more or less as expected. They aren’t necessarily setting the world on fire, but they aren’t a drain on company resources either. For these employees, making a case for a raise may be a tricky proposition.”

What’s Your Definition of Work-life Balance?
“Work-life balance seems to have borne the brunt of the “do more with less” mentality that became the modus operandi for many companies in the years of recovery following the Great Recession.”

The Results Are In: Weight Gain Top Health Pitfall of Desk Jobs
“… we asked our readers how their desk jobs have affected their health and the results reveal the top three side effects to a sedentary office life are weight gain (24%), neck/back pain (18%), and reduced energy levels (13%).”

What were some of your favorite Refresh Leadership articles from 2017? What were some of your favorite workplace and leadership articles from other sources? Let us know in the comments section below.

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