“Active Listening and Relevant Questions” Most Improve a Job Candidates’ Chances

In February, we asked our readers what most improves a candidate’s chances during a job interview, and with 21% of the votes, “actively listens and asks relevant questions” was the top choice. “Skills and experience/work history” was second with 18%, followed by “engaging personality/enthusiasm” with 15%.

The rest of the results were as follows:

  • Cultural fit (10%)
  • Excellent verbal communication skills (9%)
  • Maintains eye contact/positive body language (9%)
  • Prior knowledge of the company or position (7%)
  • Well-dressed/proper hygiene (6%)
  • Confident handshake (1%)
  • Follow-up thank you note (1%)
  • Education history (1%)

Some respondents chose the “Other” option and submitted their own thoughts on the question, including:

  • Passion for the field/industry
  • Concrete examples of problem-solving in previous positions
  • Attitude
  • All of the above

After the interview – Engage to Retain
The process of building a productive workforce doesn’t end after a hiring decision is made. Without a comprehensive onboarding and development plan in place, you run the risk of watching your new employees walk out a constantly revolving door.

The greatest strength of any successful organization is its employees. Express Employment Professionals’ supervisory training program, Engage to Retain, highlights best practices supervisors can implement to help set up new employees for success and show commitment to their career development from day one.

For more information about the Engage to Retain program, visit ExpressPros.com/Employee-Retention.

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