How to Better Use Your Influence Within Your Organization

Regardless of rank and tenure within a company, everyone has the ability to be influential. From helping encourage higher engagement to championing a new project, using your influence in your office can be the most important skill you bring to the workforce.

In a recent Deloitte Human Capital survey, 65% of respondents said that leading through influence is the key requirement for 21st-century leaders. But influencing others in a positive way can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t honed this specific leadership skill. Check out these three areas to focus on to better use your influence in your organization.

Speak with Actions

Actions speak louder than words, and if you want to have a positive, influential impact in your office, you need to back up your words with actions. Disengagement can be one of the most taxing issues a company can endure and one way to beat it is to counteract it.

If you see areas where teammates may be slacking or not meeting demands, show others the best way to work through those issues. Not by inserting unnecessary conflict, but by being an example of a diligent, engaged worker. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Sometimes your actions speak louder than words.

Focus on Communication

Effective communication comes in many forms, including not so obvious avenues. Recognition, feedback, and constructive criticism are all types of communication that some leaders struggle with. To build a stronger level of influence, consider looking into your communication skills and determine whether or not you’re are effective in this area.

While leaders may think they are set in this area, employees and co-workers may feel the opposite. By working at how you show recognition, as well as constructive criticism, you may build a higher level of influence. And remember, focus on not just verbal, but nonverbal communication, which when left unchecked, can cause confusion if seemingly at odds with one another.

Build Your Integrity

While the word integrity is associated with being honest and ethical, another definition is to be whole, undivided, and completely self-integrated. As an aspiring leader or a seasoned veteran, those around you look to you for guidance and inspiration. However, the quickest way to lose influence within your organization is to break trust with your team. While being honest and ethical is important for everyone to focus on, being a leader of integrity should be your number-one goal.

To be undivided and whole in your leadership approach means you do what you say, buy into what you sell, and work alongside your team to reach the overall goal. Building your integrity is key to building your influence with others.

How do you build your influence at work? What tips would you give to be more influential in your organization? Let us know in the comments section below!

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