The Results Are In: What Type of New Year’s Resolution Did You Make for 2022?

One of the most common activities to help ring in the new year is making resolutions. From reading more to learning a new hobby to investing in professional development, resolutions can span the full gamut.

So as we closed the books on 2021 and welcomed in the new year, we asked our readers what type of resolutions they made for 2022, and the results may surprise you.

According to the survey, the majority of respondents opted to not make resolutions for 2022. With 51% of the votes, the number one response was “I did not make a new year resolution for 2022.” The second most common response to the question “What Type of New Year’s Resolution Did You Make for 2022?” was “both personal and professional” with 34% of the votes. Those who decided to only make personal New Year’s resolutions accounted for 15%. However, uncharacteristically, no one responded that they made only professional resolutions for 2022.

We also asked a follow-up question inquiring what resolutions respondents made for the new year, and as you can imagine, the answers were across the board as well!

One respondent vowed to focus on small habits for big results:

To incrementally do better by making small adjustments.

While another voiced the desire to focus more on mental health as well as work-life balance:

It’s time to be more honest about what I need. Every day I will “check-in” with myself about my own needs: physical, social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, financial, and professional—and communicate them appropriately to myself, my partner, my family and my supervisor.

One of the individuals opted to embrace a mantra for the year:

Appreciate more and stress less.

Another has resolved to focus on personal development:

More nutritious food and more exercise. Take on more new projects in the next year that will help me grow.

Regardless of what type of resolutions you made for 2022, one thing is common throughout most annual goals: to become better versions of ourselves. To help ensure you make the most of your resolutions and new year goals, check out these articles from!

How do you plan to achieve your New Year’s resolutions? What habits are you creating today to ensure future success? Let us know in the comments section below!

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