How Staffing Services Can Help You Reach Your Second Half Goals

For many industries, the second half of the year marks a time in which companies experience the highest amount of sales growth. From seasonal upswings to fourth quarter production demands to employee holiday vacation schedules, business leaders must navigate numerous issues to ensure their organizations make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. And with the ongoing recruiting crunch and talent shortage, it’s more imperative now than ever to maintain a consistent, productive workforce.

Instead of attempting to hire employees when the need arises, it’s more prudent to get ahead of the curve and plan for these variables. And the best way to do that is by embracing the tried-and-true employment solutions of staffing services. Here are three ways using a staffing agency can help you reach your second half goals!

Combating the Great Resignation

Although the phenomenon of a mass exodus from employment and job-hopping may start to ease soon with outside factors like economic cooling affecting employee decisions, the fact remains we are still in a job-seekers’ market. And while loyalty within organizations is still a virtue, employees continue to leave current positions at record numbers. During this volatile time for hiring managers and organizations alike, it’s important for businesses to know how to ease the effects of losing top talent.

Staffing services not only help with filling the gaps left by outgoing employees with temporary workers, they also double down to help you find full-time replacements to ensure your organization doesn’t lose its competitive edge. By taking the hassle out of hiring, staffing agencies do the work to find your next star employee.

Planning for Fourth-Quarter Holiday Schedules

It may seem a “future you” problem, but with Labor Day weekend just around the corner, employees will start scheduling their plans to visit friends and family, as well as take much needed vacation toward the end of the year during the holidays. If your workforce is planning for this season, it’s important for you to plan too.

Staffing agencies have access to a pool of workers to help fill in the gaps when needed so your team doesn’t miss a beat. And if you get a jumpstart on your scheduling now, you won’t have to sweat the stress of accommodating time-off requests and not knowing how you’ll maintain a full workforce.

End of Year Production Demands

While the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may still linger and supply chain issues are still top of mind for many organizations, the final months of the year are a great time to ramp up production and attempt to meet the needs and demands of your clients and customers. However, hiring full-time employees to meet seasonal needs can be costly and counter intuitive. This is when staffing agencies shine.

By working with an employment solution company like Express Employment Professionals, you’re able to focus on goalsetting and building your end-of-year production plan while Express focuses on providing the extra talent needed to work beside your team and help you meet those goals without skipping a beat.

How do you plan to meet company needs in the second half of the year? What are some reasons you’ve used staffing in the past? Let us know the comments section below!

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