The Great Divide: Utilize This Resource to Close the Hiring Gap

Everyone—employers, employees, policymakers, nonprofit leaders, and educators—plays a role in addressing issues caused by barriers in today’s modern job market. It’s not just individuals’ livelihoods that are at stake. It’s the strength of the overall economy.

It’s become clear that a one-size solution does not fit all. Rather than trying to provide the same benefits and solutions for everyone, employers would be well served to speak to their employees and see what they value.

A new employer resource highlights the top barriers keeping job candidates on the sidelines—and what to do to help bridge the gap. Developed from research by The Harris Poll commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, The Great Divide helps business leaders understand the disconnect between job seekers and employers who are desperate for workers to come off the sideline.

While there are millions of jobs open today, a multitude of barriers stand in job seekers’ way, and this campaign brings to light 10 common barriers discovered from Express’ findings. The goal of this resource is to help companies manage modern barriers to hiring and retain talent in the current job market.

As highlighted in the research, the top barriers include:

  1. Child Care
  2. Elder Care
  3. Unpredictable Business Needs
  4. Skills Mismatch and Job Training
  5. Work and Criminal Histories
  6. Transportation and Geography
  7. Health Issues and Concerns
  8. Communication Issues in the Interview Process
  9. Workplace Culture Expectations
  10. Wage Expectations

Visit the The Great Divide webpage, resources available for employers, and what to do to close the employment gap!

How have these barriers impacted you in hiring the right candidates? What are you doing to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers? Let us know in the comments section below!


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