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New Survey: Does Minimum Wage Hike Help or Hurt?

Over 1/3 of Businesses Would Reduce Hiring If Wage Raised To $10.10. More Favorable View of Wage Hike Than in 2014 Express Employment Professionals recently released a new study on raising the minimum wage and its effect on businesses, employees and the unemployed. In March of 2015, Express Employment Professionals surveyed 837 business owners, HR professionals, […]

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A Safety Net or A Trap Cover

A Safety Net … or a Trap?

Express Employment Professionals recently released a white paper exploring government benefit programs and their impact on employment. The paper seeks to answer four pressing questions: Are people abusing the disability insurance program? Are unemployment benefits prolonging unemployment? Are welfare benefits creating a “low-wage trap?” Have other programs become inefficient and counterproductive? These questions have taken […]

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The Results Are In: 52% Want to Own a Business, But Don’t Know Where to Start

For our June question of the month, we asked readers if they’ve ever considered starting their own business, and with 52% of the votes, “I’d like to start my own business, but I don’t know where to start” was the most popular answer, followed by “I’m already a business owner” with 20%. “I’m in the […]

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Increasing Minimum Wage: Employer vs. Employee Perceptions

Recently, Express Employment Professionals released the results of a national survey of employers about the proposed increase in minimum wage. According to the results, if the minimum wage were raised to $10.10 an hour, 38% of employers who currently pay employees minimum wage say that they would have to let some employees go to cover […]

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Has Corporate Social Responsibility Become an Essential Pillar of Business?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) – aka corporate conscience or corporate citizenship – is essentially the idea that businesses and corporations have a responsibility as members of society to ensure compliance with laws, ethical standards, and cultural norms and should actively seek out opportunities to impact change in the world around them. CSR initiatives can help […]

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The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Job Creation

As the economic effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continue to be debated, Express Employment Professionals, the nation’s largest privately held staffing firm, released the results of a survey of business owners, hiring managers, and human resource professionals on the ACA and its impact on hiring decisions. Sixty percent of respondents believe the ACA […]

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How You Can Win Over Millennials

Retail sales are what drive the economy, and with the largest generation since Baby Boomers in the workforce, the spenders of the future are changing how businesses target consumers. In a recent article on QUARTZ, author Venkatesh Bala explains that businesses can reach Millennials – they just need to be willing to adapt and be innovative. […]

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