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Red Flags: What to Look Out for When Interviewing Your Next Employee

In a growing economy, companies are hiring more than ever to keep up with steady growth and business demands. However, many companies struggle to hire the right person, while turnover costs time and money. To navigate the pitfalls and ease the hassle of hiring, employers must identify a poor fit before the employee becomes a […]

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Helping or Hurting: 4 Types of Feedback to Ignore

Feedback can be the lifeblood of personal and career development. Constructive criticism from a close peer or positive reinforcement from a focus group can help a leader navigate through the rowdy seas of commerce. Interestingly enough, according to a study by Office Vibe, companies that implement regular employee feedback experience 14.9% lower turnover rates. But […]

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TED Talk: 3 Ways to Measure Your Adaptability and How to Improve It

Through intelligence measures like IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence), we’re able to quantify the leader’s capacity to connect with others and lead from cognitive intelligence and business acumen. However, one venture investor believes it’s the AQ, or the “adaptability quotient,” that determines the capacity for overall success. Check out this recent TED Talk by venture investor […]

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The Results Are In: Is Your Current Profession Related to Your College Degree?

In July, we asked our readers if their current profession is directly related to their college degree, and the number one answer may surprise you. With 37%, of the votes, the top response was “my profession has nothing to do with my college degree.” Additionally, 29% of respondents said “my profession is in a field […]

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How Schools Are Failing Workers—And 10 Ways to Fix It

Express Employment Professionals is releasing 10 recommendations today to help schools better train students for the demands of the modern workforce. According to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of open jobs in the United States continues to exceed the number of job seekers. In Canada, although the latest jobs data […]

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Temp to Perm: How to Decide if a Temporary Worker is Full-Time Material

Using a staffing company is one of the best ways to not only fill your talent pool during seasonal upswings or high-production months, but it’s also a great way to determine if a worker is a good fit for your company. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), 35% of workers in staffing positions were […]

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ExpressTalks: Building an Emergency Action Plan for Your Business

ExpressTalks: Building an Emergency Action Plan for Your Business

Active shooters have targeted businesses 105 times since 2000, more than any other public locations. Are you confident your employees know what to do in case of an emergency? In this ExpressTalks, Jeff Rycroft will discuss key factors to address when building an emergency action plan for your business. During the presentation, the video RUN. HIDE. […]

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Infographic: 11 Things Managers Should Never Say to Their Team (And What to Say Instead)

Being an empathetic leader and maintaining a high level of emotional intelligence can seem like a daunting task. However, one way leaders embrace these characteristics is by understanding the weight of their words and how their communication style affects their teams. Small business credit company Headway Capital points this out and explains best practices to help […]

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The Empathetic Leader: The Lasting Effects of Empathy on Culture and Retention

Leadership styles vary from one person to the next, but one character trait that is steadily becoming essential in the modern workplace is empathy. It’s the age-old saying of putting oneself in others’ shoes to fully understand and experience their feelings. It’s the importance of taking into consideration how your actions or inaction affect those […]

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Question of the Month: What Type of Perks Does Your Company Offer to Retain Employees?

Question of the Month: What Type of Perks Does Your Company Offer to Retain Employees?

In a tight labor market, companies must get creative to retain top talent and star employees. From flex time to vendor discounts to childcare, organizations are seeing the lasting effects of non-monetary benefits in the workplace. So we want to know, what type of perks does your company offer—other than pay raises and traditional benefits—to […]

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