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The Results Are In: How Often You Change Workplace Passwords

In a recent Refresh Leadership poll, we asked our readers how often they change the passwords on work devices, including computer, mobile phone, apps, etc. And with 49% of the votes, the top response wasn’t all that surprising. Most individuals only change their passwords when they’re told to. The second highest response was “Quarterly” with […]

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Free Event for Business Leaders on Emergency Preparedness

Express Employment Professionals has launched a new online series called ExpressTalks; created to host subject-matter experts on employment-related topics in 30 minutes or less. We know your time is valuable—and so is keeping up on the latest employment regulations and leadership trends. That’s why ExpressTalks is designed with the business leader in mind, offering relevant […]

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On the Job Podcast S3:E2 - Maple Syrup Brothers

On the Job Podcast S3:E2 – Maple Syrup Brothers

Check out the latest episode of Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job podcast! Maple Syrup Brothers What does it take to be a young farmer in a digital age? This is the story of two young brothers rising in the maple syrup industry in Vermont. Hear how important the Stewart brothers’ highly loyal and supportive […]

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Employee Training: One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

The labor force is incredibly diverse, full of unique individuals with their own outlooks, beliefs, managerial preferences, and career aspirations. It should come as no surprise, then, that different employees prefer different training programs. In fact, according to go2HR, 40% of employees who receive what they perceive as poor training leave their positions within the […]

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Infographic: 6 Ways Leaders Inspire Their Teams

The most successful and admired leaders focus on not just leading their teams, but also inspiring them. Check out this infographic from InitiativeOne, an organization that helps companies transform their cultures through coaching, strategic planning, and training, for some great insight into six ways leaders inspire their teams.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Hire an HR Manager

In most small businesses, a modest team of dedicated owners and employees often wear multiple hats when it comes to running the day-to-day activities. From receptionist to bookkeeper to office manager, there are a wide variety of roles that must be performed to ensure success, and when resources are limited, it falls on the entire […]

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5 Tips for Going Green in 2019

Although the world’s brightest scientific minds are steadily working to get there, a viable option for settling Mars is still just beyond our grasp. So, in the meantime, it’s important to focus on taking care of the planet we already have. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, and in many […]

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The Results Are In: How Would You Describe Your Company’s Holiday/Christmas Party?

In keeping with the holiday season, we recently polled our readers to ask how they would describe their company’s holiday/Christmas party, and with 31% of the votes, “It’s a good time, but nothing over the top.” was the number one answer. “We don’t have a party” was second with 22%, followed by “I’d rather all […]

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5 Tips for Leading Employees Who Are Older Than You

As younger generations advance in their careers and start to take on more prominent roles within their companies, it’s very likely many will find themselves in a position where they may have direct reports who are older, and in many ways, more experienced. It can be a tricky position for a young leader, so it’s […]

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Infographic: 6 Best Ways Leaders Can Inspire Their Teams

There’s a great quote from author and leadership expert John Maxwell: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Essentially, to be an effective leader, you not only have to be technically proficient for the job, but you also need to be able to inspire your team to […]

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