The Results Are In: New Leaders Most Lack Conflict Management Skills

In our January poll, we asked readers which leadership skills they were most lacking when they first became a leader. And with 38% of the votes, “conflict management skills” was identified as the number one skill leaders lacked when they first started out, followed by “delegation skills” at 31%. The rest of the results include: […]

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The Science Of Motivation

Check out this short, animated video from AsapSCIENCE for some interesting insight into motivation how to optimize our minds for achieving goals! How do you stay motivated to reach your goals? What are your biggest obstacles? Let us know in the comments section below! Refresh Leadership is brought to you by Express Employment Professionals.

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Stumbling to Success

I’ve heard it said that success is a matter of avoiding mistakes. While this seems like good advice, it’s not strictly accurate. Successful people make their share of mistakes. They simply manage them. I believe that a fool makes the same mistake over and over while a wise person makes a new mistake every day. The goal […]

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Faces of Change: Engaging the Five Generations in the Workforce

The business environment is constantly evolving. With each passing year, business leaders must be able to adapt to change in order to maintain relevancy in their fields. One change that impacts all aspects of business, however, isn’t from an outside source, but rather from an inside development. This change that affects all organizations is generational […]

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Question of the Month: What Is the Biggest Driver of Employee Disengagement?

In the workplace, any of a wide variety of contributing factors can affect employee engagement. From the economy to leadership changes to the solvency of the company as a whole, the effect on employee engagement and morale can be profound. Although there are no easy solutions for many businesses facing issues with employee disengagement, identifying […]

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Infographic: The Top Contributors to Organizational Development & Change

“It’s no longer enough for a company to be good at what it does—in a quickly evolving marketplace, organizations must be capable of rapid change, all the while adhering to stricter ethical business practices at the demand of a more informed consumer base.” Check out this infographic from New England College, for some unique insight […]

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