Question of the Month: Does Your Company Have a Comprehensive Succession Plan?

Whether it’s a planned retirement or a sudden, unexpected exit, when a top leader parts ways with their company, the toll on productivity and success can be significant if you’re not prepared.  According to a 2010 Stanford University study, “More than half of companies today cannot immediately name a successor to their CEO should the […]

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Liz Murray High Res photo

From Homeless to Harvard

The Refresh Leadership Live Simulcast is back, with an exciting new lineup of speakers, including Liz Murray, motivational speaker and bestselling author of Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard. During the 2015 Refresh Leadership Live Simulcast, Murray will share her fascinating, inspirational story of growing up with […]

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Toxic Leadership: Are You Infecting Your Team?

Great leadership is contagious. If you are a positive person, chances are your team will catch on. If you are a highly productive person, your employees may become more engaged at work. If you are generous with your time in developing careers, your positive influence may encourage your employees to raise up next-generation leaders. However, […]

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The Funny Thing About Leadership

The Refresh Leadership Live Simulcast is back with an exciting new lineup of speakers, including the legendary actor and comedian, Dan Aykroyd. Aykroyd has worn many hats – actor, comedian, screenwriter, musician, businessman, Ghostbuster, Blues Brother – the list goes on and on. During his presentation at the 2015 Refresh Leadership Live Simulcast, he’ll discuss […]

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Peak Performer’s Life: Should I Invest My Time?

This week on Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond continues his discussion on the importance of time management. He explains that being busy isn’t necessarily the same thing as being productive. According to Walter: “Productive people focus on the most important task. Busy people are busy all day long … but they’re doing non-valued tasks. And […]

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Express Releases State-by-State Analysis of Rising Disability Rolls

Is disability turning into de facto unemployment insurance? Express Employment Professionals recently released a new analysis of the Social Security Administration’s disability rolls, studying which states saw the sharpest increase in disability beneficiaries from 2008 to 2013. Nationally, the number of former workers on disability increased 20.4% over five years. While that rate of increase […]

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The Results Are In: The Biggest Cause of Workplace Communication Breakdown

In February, we asked our readers what they believe is the biggest cause of workplace communication breakdown. With more than 800 people weighing in, 33.5% picked “Poor Leadership” as the top communication killer, followed by “Unclear goals/strategies” at 18.5% in second, while “Unmotivated/disengaged workers” came in third with 11.7% of the votes. The rest of […]

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