It’s All In Your Head: 4 of the Biggest Self-Inflicted Obstacles

When working toward achieving a lofty goal, you’re bound to run into a roadblock or two. However, the most difficult challenges to overcome are often the ones we create for ourselves. Have you ever fallen victim to any of these self-inflicted obstacles? Procrastination In a survey conducted by Salary.com, 64% of employees said they visit […]

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The Results Are In: Majority of Companies Will Use Current Staff For Seasonal Upswing

In our recent monthly poll, we asked our readers how their companies handle the extra workload during the holiday season, and nearly three-quarters of businesses don’t make any adjustments to their current staff. With 39% of the votes, “we do not make any seasonal adjustments” was the number one answer, followed by “use current staff, […]

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New White Paper Warns Against Dramatic Minimum Wage Increase

Great Intentions, Bad Results: The Problem with a $15 Minimum Wage in America Experts Weigh In, Urge Caution for Sake of Working Americans Express Employment Professionals released a new white paper today, staking out a position on whether to raise the minimum wage to $15. “Great Intentions. Bad Results. The Problem with a $15 Minimum Wage […]

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Clearing the Path: The 4 Biggest Obstacles to Teamwork Success

Great teams can accomplish amazing feats—assuming they’re adequately equipped to handle the occasional obstacle along the way. There are many reasons why even the closest-knit teams can fall apart, but if you’re informed about the potential pitfalls from the beginning, you’ll be better prepared to address these four obstacles to teamwork success. Communication barriers The […]

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Question of the Month: Are Annual Employee Reviews Still Relevant?

For many employees, fourth quarter means the dreaded annual review is on the horizon. Most businesses have some type of performance measurement and review procedure in place; however, their effectiveness can vary greatly between companies. In fact, many business leaders have started to question how important annual employee reviews really are to the company’s overall […]

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Business Survey: Government Job Training Programs Not Effective

Only 16% Say Programs Work; Need For Successful Training Programs Is High Express Employment Professionals recently released new survey results revealing that businesses have a low opinion of government job training programs. Respondents were asked, “In your opinion, how effective are government job training programs?” A total of 28 percent said the programs were either […]

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